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    The most extreme and brutal power booster with the strongest legally available stimulant mix that will make your former workouts and look like aerobics for overweight housewives!

    B * tch slap has the following advantages to offer:

    • Insane energy for the most brutal and inhuman workouts of your life
    • Unmatched power that will help you break through plateaus and move the heaviest weights of your life
    • Razor-sharp focus that will make you forget anything but your training
    • Increased pain tolerance for even more brutal sets that will go far beyond your previous pain threshold
    • Delayed onset of fatigue and maximum stamina for more brutal sets with insane weights
    • Glycogen sparing effect and maximum ATP resynthesis for maximum power & energy
    • Optimized the mind-muscle connection and improved muscle coordination
    • Maximum gains in muscle mass and strength because more intense workouts and accelerated recovery
    • Faster recovery between sets and post workout for more frequent and extensive workouts than ever before
    • Reduced cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic protection of your hard earned muscles and to create an optimal anabolic environment post workout
    • Maximum effects because of a synergistic interaction and a maximized bioavailability of the active ingredients

    B*tch Slap – for a maximum workout performance without any compromises

    B*tch Slap has been designed as an uncompromising pre-workout booster that will enable you to endure the most brutal and intense workouts of your life. Unlike many other pre-workout boosters that try to cover all possible diverse aspects, but usually do this only halfheartedly, as there always will be compromises, B*tch Slap focuses solely on maximizing your workout intensity and enabling you to reach new personal bests. As the name implies, B * tch slap is the slap in your face or the kick in your ass you need, to get everything out of your workout.

    Of course, this does not mean that you do not need to work hard during your workout because your booster does the main work - quite the contrary. B*tch Slap will allow you to work even harder and to go further than ever before. And if you're honest to yourself, that's exactly what you want - after all, you're none of those wimps who would prefer to build muscle without having to rip your ass off. You need the pain and sweat during a brutal workout, because you're a real, tough strength athlete - and not a spare time bodybuilder inflated by anabolic steroids!

    B*tch Slap will boost your workout intensity and workout performance like nothing you've ever tried before. Obstacles like plateaus will things of the past, if you use B*tch Slap. With B*tch Slap you will not only work harder and harder, but also be able to do more sets with more reps – and all of this with a never before experienced focus that is more like a tunnel vision that will make you forget everything else.

    As B*tch Slap will not only accelerate your recovery between your brutal workout sets but also post workout, you will be able to work out more often without burning out or reaching a state of over-training.

    And what does all this mean? Ultimately, B*tch Slap will allow you to set a stimulus for gains in strength and muscle mass more often - and this, of course will lead to faster gains in muscle mass and strength than ever before.

    Others, who may not have taken you seriously in the past, or even made jokes about you, will reverently avoid you in the future when they see your determination to move the heaviest weights of your life and watch your brutal and merciless workouts that they never could handle. Too bad that you will not notice much of this, because thanks to B*tch Slap your focus will be concentrated exclusively on what really counts - your workout.

    With Bitch Slap, your workouts will never be like they used to be in the past. Everything you would have termed a brutal workout in the past will now seem like aerobics for overweight housewives.

    WARNING: B*tch Slap is an extreme hardcore product that is simply too strong for most amateur athletes. B * tch slap is not for beginners or whimps. If you prefer isolation exercises like curls over heavy compound movements like bench presses, deadlifts and squats, then you might be better off with one of those under-dosed products of our competitors – otherwise you could possibly work too hard and get something as uncomfortable as delayed onset muscle soreness.

    B*tch Slap Blend:

    B*tch Slap can shine with an innovative blend of the most effective ingredients with scientifically proven effects. Strictly following the principle of "all killer, no filler", we have limited ourselves to ingredients that really work and left everything out that may look nice on the label, but will make no difference in practice.

    The B*tch Slap Blend Mix contains everything you could wish for when it comes to maximizing your strength and performance in the gym. We use a combination of the strongest legal stimulants available, of which our innovative Kigelia Africana extract is the absolute highlight. But just arbitrarily throwing together a few stimulants will not give you a high-end pre-workout booster like B*itch Slap. Because of this we have devoted a lot of time and energy to finding an optimal ratio of the active ingredients that optimizes their synergistic interactions.

    We have spiced up this highly effective blend with other innovative ingredients that may have no or only a minimal stimulating effect on their own, but can dramatically increase and extend the effects of the actual active ingredients by using different metabolic pathways. This performance-enhancing powerhouse was rounded off by additional amazing ingredients that will greatly increase uptake and bioavailability of the active ingredients.

    The end result is a product that is so extreme and brutal that you have to try it to believe its dramatic impacts.

    To show you that all these are not just empty promises, as you know them from disappointing products of many competitors, you will find a detailed description of the ingredients, as well as the scientific explanations of their modes of action in the following sections. We do not need to hide behind empty promises - we can scientifically explain the dramatic effects of of B*tch Slap!

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine Polyhydrate™

    L-Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid that your body needs to produce the stimulating neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. However, an additional l-tyrosine intake can not only increase the levels of these neurotransmitters, but also significantly increase the effects of other stimulants that work by increasing the levels of these neurotransmitters. This synergistic effect can be so strong that the dosage of certain stimulants can be halved without a loss in effect. In other words, n-acetyl l-tyrosine is a turbocharger for the active ingredients contained in B*tch Slap for an even most brutal effect.

    N-acetyl l-tyrosine is something like l-tyrosine on dope, as it displays a 20 times better water solubility and a dramatically higher bioavailability than l-tyrosine. To further increase these advantages, we use the Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology, which prevents any possible destruction of n-acetyl l-tyrosine in the digestive tract.

    Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate

    Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate is a precursor used by your body to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is essential for the communication between nerve cells. Ingesting dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate results in an increased production and release of acetylcholine, which can have a positive effect on your mood and your ability to concentrate and will improve your focus. In addition, acetylcholine will promote your mind-muscle connection, which will have a dramatic positive effect on your power output.


    Caffeine is probably the most underrated ingredient in any workout booster. The reason for this is that for the most of us caffeine does no longer have a truly potent stimulating effect due to our high coffee consumption. But did you know that caffeine has a whole host of other fascinating properties that can take your workouts to the next level?

    On a mental level, caffeine can improve your focus and your ability to concentrate and will also have a positive effect on your well-being and your mood - which are not really groundbreaking new insights. But few people know that caffeine also has a direct positive effect on your muscle performance. Caffeine can improve the power production of your muscles' motor units as well as the coordination of the contractions of your muscle fibres – and both can significantly increase your strength during your workout - and more strength means better progresses.

    In addition to this, you can significantly increase your workout energy with the help of caffeine - regardless of the stimulating effect of caffeine! Caffeine causes your body to use more fatty acids from the fat in your fat cells to provide energy to your muscles, resulting in a glycogen-sparing effect. In other words, your body will use up less muscle glycogen during exercise as more fat is burned, which means your muscle glycogen stores will be drained slower. And, of course, more muscle glycogen is synonymous with a longer-lasting maximum muscle performance before your body will run out of glycogen. All in all, you will be able to complete longer and more intense workouts, which will allow you to set a stronger stimulus for building strength and muscle mass!

    And last but not least, caffeine works together synergistically with the other stimulants in B*tch Slap, such as Kigelia Africana, which will greatly enhance their effects - which, of course, also applies to the stimulating effects that will give your workouts the necessary drive.

    Rhodiola Root Extract

    Rhodiola extract, derived from the roots of the Rhodiola rosea, which is native to China, is an effective adaptogen that can induce an increased secretion of beta-endorphins and increased levels of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin in your brain. These increased levels of important neurotransmitters can help you to cope better with mental and physical stress, and will also have positive impacts on your mood and focus.

    In addition, it has been shown that a Rhodiola root extract can delay the onset of fatigue during intense physical exertions, increasing endurance and stamina. This is possible, because Rhodiola activates the synthesis and resynthesis of ATP - the body's primary “energy currency” – and will cause an increased use of fatty acids for fuel. This will result in increased energy and a slower depletion of the glycogen stores of your muscles, which will allow longer and more intense workouts.

    Because Rhodiola also has a markedly strong antioxidant effect, it can promote your post-workout recovery by reducing the inevitable exercise-induced increase in free radical levels while at the same time lowering the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol that are elevated post workout. All this will result in a faster recovery post workout and a faster conversion of an exercise-induced catabolic environment into an anabolic, muscle building environment.

    Kigelia Africana

    Any pre-workout booster that wants to live up to his promise needs at least one stimulant superstar with a really brutal effect. The ancestral gallery of these (unfortunately now forbidden) superstars includes legendary names like ephedrine (RIP) and DMAA (RIP). Everything that came afterwards - even AMP citrate - never came close to these drugs - at least until now. Welcome to the world of Kigelia Africana.

    Until recently unnoticed by the sports supplement industry, the majestic Kigelia Africana tree grows in Africa - and the fruits of this tree are really impressive. They contain natural stimulants whose effects can easily keep up with the legends of the past and which surpass half-hearted substitutes such as AMP citrate in their effects by far.

    However, the trick is to extract these ingredients from the fruits in concentrations that truly have a stunning effect - and that's what we've achieved with our unique extraction process. Do not rely on cheap (or expensive) imitation products, because the effects of Kigelia Africana stand and falls with the extraction process!

    All athletes - and that also includes real stimulants Junkies - who have tried our Kigelia Africana extract, agree on one thing: this extract is more potent than anything else legally available. Our Kigelia Africana extract will give you unruly strength and energy so you can survive even the toughest and most brutal workouts that would kill anybody else. You will be able to do more sets with more weights and thereby ignite the turbocharger for muscle growth and power.

    At the same time, this extremely effective extract will give you a razor-sharp focus that will allow you to forget everything around you, so you can focus solely on the heavy weights and the hard work of your muscles.

    Even though we know that you are not a whiny pussy that will stop a set when it starts to hurt, it should be mentioned that Kigelia Africana can greatly increase your pain tolerance. Imagine what you could accomplish with your training if you managed to go well beyond the point where your muscles begin to explode with pain ...

    Juniperus Communis

    Juniperus Communis is a juniper berry extract that works together synergistically with caffeine and can significantly improve your mental focus.

    Justicia Adhatoda

    Justicia Adhatoda has been used in the field of traditional Indian medicine for treating asthma and respiratory problems for over 1000 years due to its ability to dilate the airways. Even if you are not suffering from asthma, a widening of your airway can significantly increase your oxygen intake, allowing more oxygen to reach your working muscles. This can increase performance and endurance of your muscles and allow you to get those last few reps that will make the difference between moderate and excellent gains.

    The naturally occurring alkaloid Vasicin contained in Justicia Adhatoda is structurally closely related to theophylline, which is also used to treat asthma and has a strong stimulating effect that exceeds the stimulating effects of caffeine by far.

    Citrus Aurantium Extract

    Citrus Aurantium is a citrus fruit that grows in the Southeast Asian region and contains ingredients that are structurally closely related to ephedrine and the body's own catecholamines adrenaline and norepinephrine. Although the stimulating effects of Citrus Aurantium are not quite as strong as the corresponding effects of ephedrine, this plant extract does not have the potentially harmful side effects that were responsible for the prohibition of ephedrine.

    Citrus Aurantium works together synergistically with the other stimulants contained in B*tch Slap and can even significantly increase and prolong their effects. This is because active ingredients in Citrus Aurantium will inhibit the cytochrome 450 enzyme in your liver, which is responsible for breaking down the stimulants contained in B*tch Slap.

    Extract of Black Pepper

    Black pepper contains an alkaloid called piperine, which can be described as a kind of potent enhancer for almost all active ingredients in B*tch Slap. Piperine has the ability to inhibit a wide range of enzymes responsible for breaking down the active ingredients contained in B*tch Slap in your liver. This means that B*tch Slap will have a longer lasting and stronger effect and that you will not run out energy prematurely even during the longest and most brutal workouts.

    The Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

    Gastric acid is an extremely important component of our digestive system because it plays a key role in the digestion of proteins and the killing of foodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, gastric acid will also reduce the bioavailability of many orally administered drugs, as part of these compounds will be split by gastric acid into their components or will be chemically altered so that their desired effects will be at least partially lost.

    This is where our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology comes into play. This unique acid buffering system prevents a degradation of the active ingredients contained in B*tch Slap from being destroyed by your stomach acid, as it would be the case without this innovative buffering system. This protection from a destruction by gastric acid will result in a higher bioavailability and ultimately in a greater amount of active ingredients that will arrive in your body intact.

    By Jens I on 12/22/2017 5
    Title: Das Maß aller Dinge!!!
    Text: Ich hab ihn nun seit mehreren Monaten hier stehen und er ist noch immer nicht leer!

    Das liegt nicht da dran, daß er nicht das taugt, was er verspricht - Ganz im Gegenteil!!!! Ich brauche max 3g von dem Teufelszeug und meine Euphorie und Enerielevel sprengen alles, was ich davor schon probiert habe!

    Egal ob Reign, GodMode, AlphaDrive und wie sie nicht alle heißen, ich hab locker schon 50 Stim Booster probiert, keiner kommt an bitch slap ran!

    Kombiniere ich noch 15g pump dat bitch dazu, habe ich nen konkurrenzloses Produkt im Shaker! würde sogar 6 Sterne geben, wenn es drin wäre! 100% Zufrieden und 100% Kauf Pflicht für jeden Booster Freak!
    By Maurice D on 12/9/2017 5
    Title: Mega gut
    Text: Hatte schon viele verschiedene Booster, aber dieser Booster hebt sich von den anderen extrem hervor, denn ich brauchte nur ein Scoop um optimalen Fokus zubekommen! Preis Leistung also extrem gut! Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen :)
    By Daniel S on 12/7/2017 5
    Title: Super Booster
    Text: Hab das erste mal nach 8 Jahren Training , einen Booster benutzt und völlig überrascht , welche Wirkung er hatte !
    Hab 1 Stunde vor dem Training 2,5 g genommen und auf der Fahrt ins fitti schon den Tunnelblick bekommen und eine enorme lust gehabt , die Gewichte an die Decke zu drücken ( Brust Training) Beim Training hatte ich einen Mega Pump und eine Kraft Steigerung gleich mal um 4 Wiederholungen in meinem Seriensatz !

    Eine Mega Booster , den ich wärmsten Empfehlen kann.
    By Luca W on 12/4/2017 4
    Title: Mega Wirkung aber geschmacklich bullshit!
    Text: Ich habe den Booster ausprobiert und davor mehrere Wochen keinen zu mir genommen.
    Die Wirkung ist echt gut. Er hat kein übertriebenes Kribbeln unter der Haut und man ist fokussiert. Ich würde schon von einem "Tunnelblick" sprechen. Ich selber habe mich gewundert wie viel Kraft ich aufbringen konnte und das über das ganze Training hinweg.
    Wenn man nun aber auf der Geschmack geht, muss ich sagen das dieser Booster einer der schrecklichsten, wenn nicht sogar der schlechteste war, den ich bis jetzt probiert habe.
    Deshalb gebe ich ihm auch nur 4/5 Sternen!

    Zur Verzehrempfehlung muss aber noch sagen das ich anstatt den vorgschlagenen 2,5g, 5g genommen habe.

    Alles im allen würde ihn trotzdem Empfehlen!
    By Jannis R on 12/4/2017 5
    Title: Super
    Text: Vorn weg: Habe 3 Wochen total auf Koffein verzichtet und den Booster das erste mal auf leeren Magen genommen. Die erste Dosis war 3.5 Gramm.
    Super Ding! Mit 3.5g noch nicht der Todesbringer aber ich bin mir sicher, dass wenn man die 5g nimmt dann ballert der schon ordentlich. auch mit 3.5g war es ein super Training und ich habe ohne Probleme 1.5h voll durchgezogen.

    Der Geschmack, welcher von vielen als so schrecklich bewertet wird, ist in der tat nicht genial. So schlimm ist es allerdings auch nicht, man bekommt ihn gut runter. Und schliesslich muss das Ding ja nicht schmecken sondern wirken.

    Gönnt euch!
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