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The unmatched classical pre-workout supplements for maximum energy, razor-sharp focus and crazy pump is finally available in a version that is specifically tailored to the needs of hard and intense working out women!

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    The unmatched classical pre-workout supplements for maximum energy, razor-sharp focus and crazy pump is finally available in a version that is specifically tailored to the needs of hard and intense working out women!

    Product Highlights:

    • Insane energy and maximum power for more reps with more weights
    • Increased nitric oxide production through multiple independent pathways for an incredible pump and a maximum blood supply of your hard-working muscles
    • Maximum muscle endurance and delayed muscle fatigue for longer and more intense workouts
    • Razor-sharp focus and optimized mind-muscle connection for the most concentrated and best workouts of your life
    • For maximum gains of strength and muscle mass
    • Increased pain tolerance for tougher and more intense workouts
    • Maximum supply of oxygen, nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hard-working muscles
    • Faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products from your hard worked muscles during your workout
    • Accelerated recovery between your sets and after your workout
    • Increased protein synthesis for faster gains of lean muscle tissue
    • Supports your progresses during any fat loss diet and contest preparation
    • Protection against muscle breakdown by reducing exercise-induced elevated catabolic cortisol levels
    • Contains the innovative and incredibly strong Kingelia Africana extract, you will only find in GN Laboratories products
    • Maximum uptake and bioavailability of all key ingredients thanks to piperine and our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology
    • Free from ingredients of animal origin and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    After developing new and improved versions of our pre-workout classic that are always torn out of our hands by avid hardcore strength athletes and bodybuilders, it was time to develop a Narc version specifically tailored to the needs of hard and intensively working out women. Women and men have different physiological needs and their training is also often different. To account for these differences, we've invested a lot of time in scientific research and have executed countless beta tests with hard and intense working out female bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters and other strength athletes until we arrived at the final version of Narc Women.

    A warning in advance: Do not make the mistake to think that Narc Women is a less potent version of a pre-workout booster just because Narc Women was designed specifically for women. The name Narc stands for the most extreme pre-workout booster you'll find on the market. Narc Women is no exception. We know that women are working out at least as hard and intense as men, so Narc Women is in no way inferior to other Narc versions when it comes to maximum energy, razor-sharp focus, extreme power and maximum blood circulation & pump. Attention: Narc Women is only intended for really hard and intense exercising women who already have experience with pre-workout boosters! Recreational female athletes, who prefer to work out with pink baby dumbbells to achieve a better bikini figure, should not use this product!

    What makes Narc Women the ideal pre-workout booster for hard and intense working out women?

    If you look at other women's pre-workout boosters on the market, you will soon notice that they are only attenuated versions of the corresponding men's products, which often have only minimal effects. We took a different approach for Narc Women. The ingredients of Narc Women have been engineered to truly cover ALL aspects (and more!) that will take your workouts and performance to the next level. When developing Narc Women we invested much time and efforts to optimize synergistic interactions of the ingredients. In other words that we did not simply mix the ingredients arbitrary, but chose them in such a way that they increase each other's effects maximally in order to achieve the most effective pre-workout booster for women. Here is a list of all the aspects Narc Women covers, to take your workouts and results to the next level and to maximize your gains of strength and lean muscle tissue. In addition, as you will see in the next section, Narc Women provides the ideal support for any fat loss diet and contest preparation.

    Increased strength and maximum performance

    Of course, you use a pre-workout booster like Narc Women primarily to increase your workout performance and maximize your workout efficiency. Narc Women contains a synergistic blend of the most potent, legally available stimulants that will maximize your strength and your performance, enabling you to perform extremely hard and intense workouts that you would have considered impossible before. While continuing to reach new personal bests you will never have to worry about plateaus again.

    In addition to its stimulating effect, Narc Women can increase your muscular strength, perfect your muscle coordination and optimize your mind-muscle connection, resulting in significantly increased loads and exercise performance. As a special bonus, Narc Women contains ingredients that can increase your pain tolerance and reduce the sensation of pain, which will help even the most insensitive working out women to work out even harder and more intensively.

    Maximum concentration and razor sharp focus

    In addition to the benefits of increased strength and performance, Narc Women will give you a razor-sharp focus without causing unnecessary nervousness and mental stress. We achieved this by using an innovative combination of concentration-enhancing stimulants that will improve your focus and by using effective adaptogens that will relieve mental stress, increase your overall well-being and further enhance your mental function and focus. This allows you to perform the most intense workouts of your life, during which you will only focus on your working muscles and your workout while ignoring any potential distractions.

    Increased pump and maximum blood flow to your hard-working muscles

    Narc Women contains several ingredients that will independently increase the nitric oxide production of your body via different pathways and maximize the blood supply of your working muscles. This not only results in a superior pump during your workouts, but also in an increased supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hard-working, hungry muscles. At the same time, an increased blood flow to your hard-working muscles also results in a faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products like ammonia and lactic acid that can reduce your muscle performance and speed up the onset of muscle fatigue.

    Maximum energy and delayed muscle fatigue

    These two points go more or less hand in hand, because more energy means a later onset of fatigue and delayed fatigue will lead to an increased workout performance and more workout energy. With Narc Women we promote both in an extreme and maximum way. Narc Women's innovative stimulant blend will give you maximum energy for long and intense workouts. Something like tiredness at the end of your workouts will be a thing of the past thanks to Narc Women. In addition, Narc Women contains several ingredients that stimulate and accelerate the resynthesis of ATP - the most important energy source of your muscle cells, whose levels drop rapidly during a hard set of your workout. As a result of this, you will not run out of energy as fast as usual during your sets. In addition, several ingredients of Narc Women will promote an increased use of fatty acids as fuel to energize your hard-working muscles, sparing your muscle glycogen reserves and giving your muscles more energy.

    A delayed onset of muscle fatigue due to hyperacidity or an accumulation of toxic metabolic waste products during exercise is achieved by the increased blood flow to your working muscles and the increased removal of these metabolic waste products already mentioned above.

    Promotes and accelerates recovery between sets and post-workout

    Narc Women will promote and accelerate your recovery between your workout sets and post-workout. An accelerated recovery between your sets allows you to keep your rest intervals shorter, as well as doing more reps with more weight, resulting in an increased stimulus for gains of muscle and strength.

    An accelerated post-workout recovery coupled with reduced exercise-induced elevations of catabolic cortisol levels will quickly transform an exercise-induced catabolic environment of your body into an anabolic environment post-workout. In addition, ingredients contained in Narc Women will stimulate your muscle protein synthesis, while Narc Women's potent antioxidants will counteract an exercise-induced increase in free radical levels while preventing excessive muscle damage and promoting and accelerating the repair of exercise-induced muscle damage.

    All this means better progresses in terms of strength and muscle gains and will help you to get back to the gym for your next hard and intense workout faster.

    Promoting gains of strength and fat-free muscle mass

    Narc Women promotes and accelerates gains of strength and fat free muscle mass using several direct and indirect pathways. By stimulating muscle protein synthesis and by its anti-catabolic effects, Narc Women can directly promote gains of muscle mass and strength. At the same time, Narc Women enables you to do more intense workouts with more reps per set, heavier weights, and more sets per workout. Because Narc Women will accelerate your recovery, you can exercise a given muscle more often per week. Therefore you can more often create an intense stimulus, to which your body must respond with increases in strength and lean muscle tissue. This will inevitably lead to faster and stronger increases in strength and fat-free muscle mass. Narc Women will cover all necessary aspects to enable you to execute the most intense and most productive workouts of your life, while accelerating recovery and gains of strength and fat free muscle mass!

    How can Narc Women support your fat loss goals and your contest preparation?

    If you already have experiences with radical fat loss diets or contest preparations, you will know how much a large calorie deficit can impair your performance in the gym. For most women a really hard and intensive workout will be nearly impossible at the end of their contest preparation. That's where Narc Women can shine. As it will greatly increase your workout energy, counteract fatigue, and spare your muscle glycogen reserves during any fat loss diet, you can continue to work out hard and intensively during the most intense contest preparation. Even more critical is the almost inevitable loss of hard earned muscle tissue due to a strong calorie deficit. Especially women, who have less muscle mass to start with, can not afford to lose significant amounts of muscle tissue during their contest preparation. We have seen too often that promising female athletes looked flat and emaciated during a contest. Something like this will not happen to you if you use Narc Women! Narc Women will effectively counteract any degradation of your valuable and hard-earned muscle mass by stimulating your muscle protein synthesis and exhibiting powerful anti-catabolic effects that will nip any muscle breakdown in the bud. In addition to this, a hard and intense workout is the best protection against any muscle losses. These rigorous workouts will tell your body that it needs every gram of muscle tissue to survive your brutal workouts and that it can not afford to lose even the least amount of muscle protein.

    Narc Women can make the difference between success and failure of your contest preparation, as it will continue to allow you to work out hard and intense during periods of greatest deprivation and will effectively prevent any muscle breakdown during any fat loss dieting or contest preparation!

    The Narc Women Pump Blend Matrix

    L-Citrulline Polyhydrate™

    L-citrulline is considered the most effective nitric oxide booster in bodybuilding and fitness circles that can boost your pump and the blood flow to your working muscles. Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid that increases the body’s nitric oxide production by using the same pathway as arginine. An interesting fact is that citrulline exerts a stronger effect than arginine. In addition to acting as a highly effective nitric oxide booster, citrulline can significantly increase your muscle protein synthesis, thereby accelerating your muscle gains. In addition, citrulline can reduce muscle soreness after hard workouts and speed up your recovery. To prevent a degradation of citrulline in your digestive tract, we use our innovative Polyhydrate™ buffer system that protects citrulline from the destructive effects of stomach acid, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

    Arginine Polyhydrate™

    Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in many foods. Arginine is a precursor for the body's nitric oxide production and the most widely used nitric oxide booster. Of all nitric oxide production-stimulating agents, arginine is the best scientifically studied one. In addition, scientific research has shown that arginine can promote and accelerate strength and muscle mass gains by increasing your endogenous growth hormone secretion. Arginine can also provide numerous health benefits and may have positive effects on male potency due to its circulation-promoting effects. Since arginine can be attacked and partially destroyed by stomach acid, which may be one of the reasons why many arginine products do not show their full desired effects, we use arginine in combination with our innovative Polyhydrate™ buffer system, which prevents a destruction of arginine in your digestive tract and will increase the bioavailability of arginine to ensure a maximum effectiveness.

    Beetroot powder

    Beetroot is one of the richest sources of natural nitrate. Nitrate is a highly effective nitric oxide booster that acts as a precursor for the body’s endogenous nitric oxide production by the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. What makes this pathway so interesting is the fact that it runs completely independently of the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway, which means that the effects of arginine / citrulline and nitrate will add up. In addition to this, the nitrate - nitric - nitric oxide pathway will not be impaired by a hyperacidity as it is the case with the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway. Human studies have shown that nitrate allows for a prolonged maintenance of force production, which means you can do more reps per set and thus achieve greater and faster increases in strength and muscle mass.

    The Narc Women Energy Matrix

    N-acetyl tyrosine

    L-tyrosine is a naturally occurring dietary amino acid that is needed by the human body as an essential precursor for the production of the stimulating neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine, as well as the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. An increased intake of l-tyrosine can cause an increased production of the mentioned highly effective endogenous stimulants. In addition, l-tyrosine has the ability to significantly enhance the effects of stimulants such as caffeine, citrus aurantium and the active ingredients of Kigelia Africana extract, which exert their effects by an increased secretion of the stimulating neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. Studies conducted with l-tyrosine and ephedrine showed that a supplementation with l-tyrosine makes it possible to reduce the ephedrine dosage by 50% while maintaining the same effects. Narc Women's N-acetyl tyrosine is a modified l-tyrosine molecule that shows a 20 times better water solubility and a much higher bioavailability than regular l-tyrosine.

    Choline Bitartrate

    Choline plays an important role in the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria of the skeletal muscle cells and other metabolically active tissue types of your body, where these fatty acids are burned to provide energy. This increased use of fatty acids to energize your body can spare your muscle glycogen stores and provide additional energy for your workouts. With this knowledge is not surprising that scientific studies have shown that choline can significantly delay the onset of fatigue in athletes.


    PABA (p-aminobenzoic acid) is an organic carboxylic acid found naturally in the human body. PABA is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that are produced during exercise as part of natural metabolic processes and can cause damage to your muscle cells. As a result, PABA can accelerate and improve your post-workout recovery. In addition, PABA supports the formation of red blood cells, which are essential for the oxygen supply of your working muscles. PABA also promotes the body’s ability to synthesize protein, which can have positive effects on your muscle protein synthesis and your muscle gains.


    Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that works together synergistically with other stimulants of Narc Women, such as Kigelia Africane and Citrus Aurantium, to enhance the effects of these ingredients. Caffeine has potent stimulating and mental focus-enhancing effects, while at the same time improving your mood and well-being. But caffeine also has direct, physical performance enhancing effects as it improves the coordination of your muscle fiber contractions and increases the power production of motor units in your muscles, resulting in significantly increases in strength. In addition, caffeine has the ability to increase the use of fatty acids for energy purposes, which can increase your muscle endurance and delay the onset of fatigue by providing more energy and sparing your muscle glycogen reserves. A combination of all of these effects means nothing less than more focused, more intense and longer workouts with more weight, more reps per set, and more sets per workout - the perfect recipe for maximizing strength and muscle gains.

    Kigelia Africana extract

    The fruit of the African Kigelia Africana tree contains strong stimulating, physical and mental performance-enhancing and focus-enhancing ingredients with effects you need to feel in order to believe in them. We use a special extraction process that will provide the highest amounts of active ingredients you will find on the market. Even if it may sound too good to be true, our Kigelia Africana extract is probably the strongest legally available stimulant that will boost your workout energy like nothing else and may be the key to the most intense and hard workouts of your life. Do more sets with more repetitions and more weight, while you concentrate fully on what really matters - your workout. In this context, it is interesting to know that many users of our Kigelia Africana extract report a significantly increased pain tolerance. This means that you can go further than ever before to generate a maximum stimulus for the development of strength and fat-free, hard muscle tissue.

    Schisandra Chinensis fruit powder

    Schisandra Chinensis is a potent adaptogen that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a stress-related energy deficiency and stress-related nervous fatigue, and has a variety of health benefits. In addition, studies conducted with Schisandra Chinensis showed, that this ingredient may increase endurance, muscle work capacity, and physical & mental performance in athletes, while it seems to have a positive impact on exercise-induced increased cortisol levels. In other words, this means more concentrated, more intense workouts, as well as a better and faster post-workout recovery - what more could you ask for?

    Citrus Aurantium extract

    The bitter orange, also known as Citrus Aurantium, is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia. Citrus Aurantium contains tyramine metabolites as its primary active ingredient, which include N-methyltyramine, octopamine and synephrine. These compounds - and in particular synephrine, which is structurally very similar to ephedrine - have pronounced stimulating effects without possessing the undesirable side effects of ephedrine. In addition, Citrus Aurantium extracts inhibit the liver enzyme responsible for a breakdown of stimulants such as caffeine and Kigelia Africana extract. As a result, Narc Women's stimulants will have a stronger and longer lasting effect, further enhancing the overall effects of the Narc Women's Energy Matrix.

    Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract (Rosavin)

    Rhodiola Rosea root extract is a highly potent adaptogen that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. This root extract, which contains the glycoside rosavin as active ingredient, can increase the neurotransmitters levels in your brain. Higher levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, beta-endorphin, and serotonin will help you cope better with mental stress while maintaining an intense focus and improving your general mood. In addition, a Rhodiola Rosea root extract activates the resynthesis of ATP, which acts as primary energy carrier in your muscle cells. In addition, this extract also increases the use of fatty acids to meet the body's energy needs. Both will result in increased exercise performance and a delayed onset of exhaustion, allowing more intense, harder and longer workouts that will help you to get closer to your goals.

    And if that is not enough, a Rhodiola Rosea root extract can accelerate your post-workout recovery and protect your muscles from a catabolic breakdown, as it has the ability to reduce the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which will increase during intense workouts or during a calorie restricted diet or contest preparation.

    Green tea extract

    Green tea extracts are primarily known for their fat loss-promoting effects and health benefits, which are based primarily on their high content of polyphenols such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It is less well known that green tea extracts can also significantly increase your physical performance during intensive workouts. This is partly due to the fact that green tea extracts can significantly increases the use of fatty acids from adipose tissue to supply the body with energy, resulting in more exercise energy. At the same time, the increased use of fatty acids spares your muscle glycogen stores, which means that you can exercise longer and more intensively before your glycogen stores will be depleted. A nice side effect for figure-conscious women is the fact that green tea extracts seem to mobilize primarily fatty acids from the female problem areas such as thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. And which woman would not like to have less body fat in these areas?

    In addition, green tea extracts inhibit the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of catecholamines such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. Since the stimulants contained in Narc Women exert their effects by increasing the levels of these stimulants, green tea extracts can significantly increase and prolong the overall effects of Narc Women.

    Extract of black pepper (piperine)

    Black pepper contains an amazing ingredient called piperine, which inhibits a variety of enzymes in your body that are responsible for the breakdown of stimulants and other active compounds contained in Narc Women. Scientific studies have shown that piperine can increase the bioavailability of certain compounds by up to 2000% (!). We incorporated a black pepper extract with a very high piperine content into the Narc Women formula to significantly increase the potency of the overall formula.

    The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

    We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients available on the market. In order to guarantee you a consistent, high quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested for the purity and quality of all of its ingredients.

    Stir 1-2 NARC women scoops with 100 - 300ml of water and consume 30-45 minutes before beginning workout. Start by taking one scoop to assess tolerance and increase the dosage slowly. DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

    By Tina M on 05/11/2017 4
    Title: Super Produkt
    Text: 2 Scoops sind mir (weiblich unter 60 Kg) fast zuviel, obwohl ich Erfahrung mit Stimboostern habe. Habe lt Trainingstracker einen deutlich erhöhten Puls dadurch, was aber kein unangenehmes Herzrasen ist. Sprich ich verbrannte sehr viel mehr Kalorien als ohne (habe ich mit Fitnesstracker öfters dokumentiert). Man ist hammer gut drauf während des Trainings und auch die Leistung ist besser. Man sollte aber so krasse Stimbooster nur ca 1x wöchtentlich benutzen, wegen dem Gewöhnungseffekt. Geschmacklich ist es ganz ok, gibt bessere und auch für sensible Mägen eher nicht geeignet. Für Ladies die 1x die Woche echt krass trainieren und schon Erfahrungen mit Stimboostern sehr zu empfehlen
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