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    The Evil Narcotica

    Something evil is on its way ... Prepare yourself for the toughest workout and the most brutal pump you've ever experienced...

    WARNING: The Evil Narcotika is an extreme product with extreme ingredients and extreme potency designed exclusively for experienced strength athletes and bodybuilders. Beginners and people who are sensitive to stimulants should not use this product! We also strongly advise sissies and half-hearted recreational athletes not to use The Evil Narcotica.

    Product highlights

    • We use our novel, incredibly potent Kigelia Africana Extract for extreme energy and unprecedented focus as part of the most effective Energy & Focus Matrix available on the market
    • Extreme and maximum muscle pump by maximizing the blood flow to your working muscles AND dramatically increasing your muscle cell volumization
    • Insane energy and dramatic increase in power for more reps and more sets with higher weights, resulting in faster gains of muscle mass and strength
    • Increased endurance and delay of exhaustion through multiple, independent pathways • Razor-sharp focus
    • Muscle protection by reducing elevated cortisol levels
    • Tougher workouts because of increased pain tolerance
    • Reduced soreness after exercise
    • Improved bioavailability of the key ingredients thanks to piperine and our innovative Polyhydrate™ technology
    • Contains the innovative Pump ingredient Hydromax™ that increases your pump by an increased muscle cell volumization
    • Increased supply of nutrients, oxygen and anabolic hormones for your working muscles
    • Faster removal of toxic metabolism waste products
    • Increased muscle cell volume for additional anabolic effects, a stronger muscle pump during your workouts and a more muscular appearance
    • Faster regeneration and increased protein synthesis during and after your workouts

    It all began with Narcotica - probably the most extreme legal pre-workout booster of its time - that quickly became one of the top-selling hardcore boosters in Europe. No other booster is missed so painfully by so many hardcore strength athletes.

    But we have good news for you. You do not need to mourn the original Narcotica any longer, because now there's an even more extreme player in the game that continues the legend of Narcotica – The Evil Narcotica!

    If you still think that Narcotica has marked the top end of the flagpole when it comes to legal boosters, The Evil Narcotica will quickly teach you better. The Evil Narcotica bears this name for a good reason. This extreme booster is not for the faint of heart and absolutely nothing for beginners. Terms like "brutal" and "out of this world" can not even describe part of what you can expect of it. The Evil Narcotica will bring the absolute evil to life in you as soon as you enter the gym. With The Evil Nacotica your previous personal bests will feel like warm-up sets and you'll be so energetic that you'll have to force yourself to leave the gym eventually.

    Pulverize your previous records and destroy your competition. With The Evil Narcotica nothing will be the same as it used to be. Your former toughest rivals will reverently go out of your way, knowing that they can not oppose the absolute evil in you. But you'll just casually notice such trivialities at best, as The Evil Narcotica will give you a razor-sharp focus and a true tunnel vision of your workouts that will make you forget everything except of what is really important - your brutal and unrelenting fight against the cold steel of the weights.

    Forget everything you've considered to be an extreme pump. The Evil Narcotica will take your muscle pump to a whole new level. The pump and vascularity that The Evil Narcotica will give you will outrun anything you previously thought to be possible. Terms like "a skin-splitting pump" will get a completely new meaning.

    The Evil Narcotica is the result of months of intensive research and development, during which we tried to find the ideal synergistic combination of the most extreme and strongest active ingredients. During our research, we came across a completely new extract of the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree, which has surpassed our wildest dreams. This extract delivers unprecedented levels of energy, strength and focus. Our testers, who have a great deal of experience with all kinds stimulants, agreed that this Kigelia Africana Extract makes ingredients such as AMP Citrate look like cold (decaffeinated) coffee and that this extract is comparable to the legendary but long-banned DMAA. This Kigelia Africana Extract is found exclusively in The Evil Narcotica.

    While other companies often simply throw together random underdosed ingredients that could theoretically have an effect, to present an impressive list of ingredients on their label, we've focused on ingredients that work synergistically together and reinforce each other's effects. We used scientific research to determining the correct ratio of these ingredients and carried out countless beta tests with experienced hardcore strength athletes that would not have accepted anything that does not go far beyond any existing booster - but they all could not hide their euphoria and enthusiasm after testing the final version of The Evil Narcotica.

    With The Evil Narcotica, you'll be able to do more reps per set and more sets per workout, using weights that you previously thought to be unattainable. And since The Evil Narcotica will also shorten your recovery time, you will be able to work out with high-intensity more frequently without burning out. In other words, you can more often set a stronger stimulus for gains of muscle mass and strength. This will inevitably lead to superior and faster results!

    Prepare yourself for the most brutal and unrestrained workouts of your life with The Evil Narcotica. Nothing will be the same as it used to be - and that's something good!

    How can The Evil Narcotica produce such an extreme effect?

    As with all of our products, the extreme effects of The Evil Narcotica are based on a combination of the most potent ingredients in right proportions that synergistically enhance each other's effects. The Evil Narcotica consists of "The Evil Pump Plend" for a brutal pump that is generated via two independent pathways and "The Evil Energy Blend" for brutal power, endless energy and a razor-sharp focus. In addition, our innovative Polyhydrate™ buffer system will protect all the key ingredients from premature degradation in your digestive tract, which will increase bioavailability and efficacy of the whole product. Bioavailability and duration of action are further increased by 2 other components (piperine and Citrus Aurantium), which inhibit an enzymatic degradation of the active ingredients in your body.

    The Evil Pump Blend

    While virtually all other pump boosters rely solely on increasing your nitric oxide production for a more intensive pump, The Evil Narcotica is a novel product that maximizes your pump by using two completely different and independent pathways. The first of these pathways is of course the proven nitric oxide pathway, which we maximally stimulate with l-citrulline.

    Nitric Oxide relaxes the smooth muscles in the walls of your blood vessels, resulting in a larger blood flow to your working muscles and a better circulation of your muscle tissue. As a result, more nutrients, more oxygen and more endogenous anabolic hormones will be transported to your muscles, while at the same time toxic metabolic waste products, which are inevitably created during hard muscular effort and which accelerate the onset of muscle fatigue, will be removed faster. This will result in a faster and better recovery during and post-workout, a postponed onset of fatigue, and superior gains in strength and muscle mass.

    But that's just one side of the coin. The Evil Narcotica also contains Hydromax™, a highly effective ingredient that will increase your blood volume and draw maximum amounts of fluid into your muscle cells, maximizing your muscle cell volume.

    Both of these effects will produce a brutal pump on each own and since these effects use completely different mechanisms, the result will be an accumulation of the individual effects - and thus the most extreme and brutal muscle pump you have ever felt.

    But what makes an even stronger pump so beneficial - apart from an insanely great feeling during your workouts, a more muscular appearance, an increased vascularity and all the benefits of an enhanced blood flow?

    The answer is “faster gains of muscle mass”. Several scientific studies have shown that a muscle tissue expansion itself has an anabolic effect and will promote new muscle growth. This is, by the way, the reason why anabolic steroids that pull a lot of water into the muscle cells, will cause much more muscle growth than anabolic steroids that do not cause water retentions.

    The Evil Pump Blend contains the following innovative and extremely powerful ingredients:

    Hydromax® (65% glycerol)

    Hydromax® is an innovative powdered form of glycerol with a glycerol content of 65%. Compared to this glycerol monostearate that is usually used in other supplements contains only 5 to 12% glycerol and is not very stable once dissolved in water. Glycerol is one of the best-kept secrets of professional bodybuilding and one of the most underrated performance enhancing ingredients. In the realm of the fitness supplement industry glycerol was hardly used until now because pure glycerol is liquid and therefore can not be used in preparations in powder form.

    The interesting thing about glycerol as an active ingredient for an increased muscle pump is the fact that it will unfold its effects by using a completely different pathway than the nitric oxide pathway, virtually all other pump boosters rely on. Glycerol possesses a pronounced hydration effect. As a result, more water will be drawn into your muscle cells, dramatically increasing your muscle cell volume. In addition, glycerol will increase your blood volume which will not only result in a strong muscle pump but also in a more pronounced vascularity. Glycerol can increase your blood volume so much that WADA has put this compound on the list of prohibited substances, as an increase in blood volume may mask the usage of prohibited performance enhancing agents. An increased muscle cell volume and a higher blood volume will inevitably result in an extreme, skin-splitting pump. And since these effects are not due to an increase of your body’s nitric oxide production, the pump-maximizing effects of glycerol and nitric oxide boosters such as citrulline will add up to a muscle pump that is not of this world.

    Another bonus of a glycerol-enhanced hydration of your body is that this increased hydration will effectively counteract any dehydration during exercise. This is crucial for your exercise performance, as a dehydration of only 2% will significantly reduce your strength and your physical performance.

    L-Citrulline Polyhydrate™

    Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid and one of the most effective nitric oxide boosters. Just like arginine citrulline will exert its nitric oxide-enhancing effects by using the so called l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway that converts arginin into nitric oxide by using an enzyme called eNOS.

    The interesting thing about orally ingested citrulline is that it will increase your arginine levels much more than orally ingested arginine. This is the case because orally ingested arginine is partially broken down by your liver, while citrulline is converted to arginine in your kidneys after it has already passed your liver intact.

    The nitric oxide produced with the help of citrulline will relaxe the smooth muscles of your veins, which will result in a widening of your blood vessels and an increased blood supply for your working muscles. This increased blood flow will results in an extreme muscle pump during your workout, an increased supply of nutrients, oxygen, and anabolic hormones for working muscles and a more rapid removal of toxic metabolic waste products that are produced during hard muscular efforts. This will increase your muscle performance and delay the onset of fatigue, while also speeding up your post-workout recovery.

    As an added bonus, citrulline can also reduce muscle soreness post-workout and may increase your muscle protein synthesis, which will result in faster gains and a faster post-workout recovery. Of course, we use the Polyhydrate™ form of l-citrulline in the Evil Pump Blend, because this will prevent a degradation of citrulline in your digestive tract and increase its bioavailability to guarantee a maximum effect.

    The Evil Energy Blend

    This matrix of ingredients contains a synergistic combination of the most effective legally available stimulants with other compounds that will significantly enhance their effects. The highlight of this matrix is our innovative and new Kigelia Africana extract that will maximise your power, your endurance and your focus. Our beta testers described this extract as a more balanced version of the legendary DMAA and a stimulant that makes AMP citrate look like a bad joke. But The Evil Energy Blend has much more to offer than insane power, infinite energy, a delayed onset of fatigue, and a razor-sharp focus. Compounds contained in this blend will also increase your pain tolerance to help you endure even more brutal workouts that previously simply would not have been bearable. In addition this matrix will accelerate your recovery during and post-workout and can effectively reduce an exercise-induced increase of your catabolic cortisol levels.

    The Evil Energy Blend contains the following innovative and extremely powerful ingredients:

    Acetyl-Tyrosine Polyhydrate ™

    Acetyl tyrosine is an "improved" version of the naturally occurring amino acid l-tyrosine that differs from regular tyrosine by a better water solubility and a much higher bioavailability. Apart from this, acetyl-tyrosine has the same benefits as regular tyrosine and is regarded as a kind of "super tyrosine". L-tyrosine is the raw material your body needs to produce the potent stimulating endogenous neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. Just one dose of l-tyrosine is enough to increase production and release of these highly potent endogenous stimulants. When l-tyrosine is combined with stimulants such as the active ingredients contained in The Evil Narcotics that exert their effects by increasing the body’s release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, it enhances the effects of these stimulants dramatically. A study conducted with ephedrine and tyrosine was able show that only half the dose of ephedrine was needed to get the desired effect when ephedrine was combined l-tyrosine. Of course we use the Polyhydrate™ version of acetyl-tyrosine that protects the active ingredient from degradation in your digestive tract to increases bioavailability and to guarantee a maximum effectivity

    Rhodiola root extract

    Rhodiola Root Extract is used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times as a highly potent adaptogen that helps the human body to cope better with physical and mental stress and that also improves focus and mood. Scientific research has shown that this extract increases the levels of so-called "happiness hormones" such as beta-endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the human brain.

    But Rhodiola extract is much more than just an adaptogen. By increasing the use of fatty acids as fuel and by activating the resynthesis of ATP - the so-called energy currency of the human body - Rhodiola Extract will increase your endurance and delays the onset of fatigue, which will directly result in an increased exercise performance. In addition, Rhodiola Extract can reduce elevated levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which is produced in higher amounts during any hard workout. Because of this Rhodiola extract produces muscle-protecting effect and will accelerate your recovery during and post workout.

    Citrus aurantium extract

    Citrus Aurantium extract contains a compound called synephrine, which is structurally related to the legendary but unfortunately banned ephedrine. Because of these structural similarities Citrus Aurantium has similar, albeit weaker effects than ephedrine, without causing any of the unwanted side effects of ephedrine.

    But this was just one of the reasons for including Citrus Aurantium. At least as interesting, if not more interesting, is the fact that Citrus Aurantium inhibits a liver enzyme called P450, which is responsible for the degradation of stimulants such as caffeine and other active ingredients of The Evil Narcotica. As a result, Citrus Aurantium will extend and enhance the effects of the already extremely effective combination of active ingredients of the Evil Energy Blend.

    Caffeine anhydrous

    Caffeine is a highly effective stimulant and no pre-workout booster would be complete without it. Caffeine is best known for its stimulating and focus and concentration enhancing effects, while improving mood and well-being.

    In addition to these positive mental qualities that already will have profound positive effects on their own regarding any hard and unrestrained workout, caffeine will also have pronounced positive effects on your physical performance. Caffeine can increase the power production of the motor units of your muscles and improve the coordination of your muscle fibre contractions. Both will result in a significant increase in strength during your workouts.

    Apart from this, caffeine will cause an increased use of fatty acids for fuel. This will result in a so-called "glycogen-sparing" effect, as fewer carbohydrates are burned and thus the glycogen stores of your muscles will be spared. And as your muscle glycogen stores will stay filled for longer, your muscles will stay fully functional for longer before exhaustion because of depleted glycogen stores will set in. In other words, this means that you can perform longer and more intense workouts, resulting in a stronger stimulus for growth and strength increases.

    Finally, it should be mentioned that caffeine will synergistically interact with Kigelia Africana Extract and the other active ingredients contained in The Evil Narcotica and will significantly increase their effects.

    Dimetylaminoethanol (DMAE)

    Dimetylaminoethanol, better known as DMAE, is a compound used by your body for the producing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. A supplementation with DMAE can increase production and release of acetylcholine, resulting in an improved focus, an increased ability to concentrate, and a better mood.

    Kigelia Africana extract

    This extract is obtained from the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree by using a sophisticated and advanced extraction process. Our Kigelia Africana extract contains large amounts of novel, stimulating, focus, energy and strength enhancing ingredients with effects that even surprised us. You will find this extract only in The Evil Narcotica and no other supplement on the market!

    According to our beta testers, our Kigelia Africana extract is probably the strongest legally available stimulant that will give you not only almost infinite energy, but also a razor-sharp focus. This amazing extract will allow you to do more repetitions and more sets with higher weights, while giving you a true tunnel vision of your workout that will make you ignore any possible distractions. Our testers, who are experienced strength athletes that gained experience with both DMAA and AMP citrate in the past, are of the opinion that our Kigelia Africana extract makes the now banned AMP citrate look like a bad joke and that our Kigelia Africana extract has effects that are comparable with DMAA, but are better balanced. Their conclusion is always the same: our Kigelia Africana extract feels damned good and no one who has tried this unique extract once, will miss DMAA or AMP citrate any longer.

    An added bonus of our Kigelia Africana extract is the fact that it will greatly increase your pain tolerance. In practice, this means that you can push yourself much harder during your workouts than ever before, to reach an even stronger stimulus for gains of strength and muscle mass.

    Extract of black pepper (standardized for 95% piperine)

    We use a black pepper extract that is standardized for a piperine content of 95%. Piperine is an amazing compound that inhibits the activity many enzymes that are responsible for the degradation of countless compounds in your body, including the active ingredients of The Evil Narcotica. This delayed degradation can increase bioavailability and effects of many active ingredients by up to 2000% and significantly increase the duration of action of these substances, resulting in stronger and longer lasting effects of The Evil Narcotica.

    The Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

    Gastric acid is an extremely important component of our digestive system because it plays a key role in the digestion of proteins and in killing foodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, gastric acid also reduces the bioavailability of many orally administered supplement ingredients, because part of these compounds is broken down by gastric acid into their components or is chemically altered so that the desired effects are lost.

    This is where our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology comes into play. This unique acid buffering system prevents the active ingredients contained from being destroyed by stomach acid, as it could be the case without this innovative buffering system. This protection from a destruction by gastric acid results in a higher bioavailability and ultimately in a greater amount of active ingredients that arrive in your body intact.

    The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

    We use only the purest ingredients of the highest quality that the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you a consistent high quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested for purity and quality of all of its ingredients

    Important note: Due to the very high content of Hydromax® glycerol, The Evil Narcotica powder has a slightly sticky consistency. This is not based on a high moisture content, but rather represents a normal physical property of Hydromax® glycerol. Shelf life and effects of this product are not affected thereby.

    Stir 2 (10g) – 3 (15g) Narcotica The Evil scoops with 300ml – 500ml of water and consume 30-45 minutes before beginning workout. DO NOT EXCEED 3 SCOOPS IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

    By Peter W on 03/25/2018 3
    Title: Ist ok aber nicht krass
    Text: Habe den Stim Booster nun schon ein paarmal getestet.
    Ca eine halbe Stunde vor Training von 1 - 3 Messlöffel eingenommen.
    Bei einem Messlöffel merkte ich gar nichts bei 2 war der Pump spürbar, Fokus war nicht übermäßig höher. Bei 3 Pump gut, Fokus wie bei 2, Kraft und Leistung nicht nennenswert höher.
    Mit drei Messlöffel viel ich nach dem Training in ein kleines Loch, war richtig platt. Was mich aber am meisten störte war die Appetitlosigkeit, nach ca 2 Stunden nach dem Training hat sich alles wieder normalisiert
    Meins ist es nicht. Ich persönlich finde Pump Booster ohne Stim für mich besser. Aber jeder Körper reagiert einfach individuell.
    By Sven H on 03/2/2018 5
    Title: Mega Booster
    Text: Habe den Booster beim Facebook Gewinnspiel gewonnen und heute direkt mal zum Rücken+Bizeps Training benutzt. Booster 30min vorher zu mir genommen Geschmacklich finde ich ihn gut.
    Nach 10min dachte ich erst ohman jetzt könnte ich aber direkt schlafen, weitere 10min später hatte ich schon einen miesen Focus und habe kaum was wahrgenommen neben mir.
    Zum Training. Fand ich deutlich intensiver als sonst. Der Rücken brannte genauso wie wenn ich keinen Booster nehme, aber ich habe deutliche mehr Gewicht und Ausdauer bei den ganzen Sätzen.
    Beim Bizeps genau dasselbe! Zum Schluss schönes geiles Muskelversagen. Alles richtig gemacht.
    Pump ist extrem krass und die Ausdauer ist auch Megageil.
    Nachdem Training kein Abbau sondern weiterhin noch bisschen im Tunnel.
    Kann diesen Booster nur empfehlen. Bin Neuling was Booster angeht und habe nur 1scoop sprich 5g genommen aber das hat mir schon gereicht.
    Verständlich das dieser Booster ständig ausverkauft ist.
    By Martin N on 09/8/2017 5
    Title: Einfach Nur Krank!!
    Text: Krank! Mehr gibt es nicht zu sagen!!
    By Eric L on 06/21/2017 5
    Title: KRANK!!! Wahnsinnig Guter Booster
    Text: Was ein Booster. 3 Scoops in den Shaker geschmissen, geschüttelt, getrunken und dann erstmal abgewartet. Auf einmal haut das Teil rein ohne ende.Hat mich komplett aus dem Leben gef***** und das Training war abnormal geil. Der beste Booster den ich jemals Konsumiert habe!!!
    Unnormal kranke wirkung, passt auf beim Autofahren.
    GN keep up the good work!!
    By Thomas W on 04/14/2017 5
    Title: bäääm
    Text: Als ich diese Beschreibung las, dachte ich naja wenn es nur halb so gut scheppert ist der booster OK. Nach dem ersten Training heute kann ich jeden Satz der Beschreibung bestätigen. Brachialer Booster, Hammer Focus, schiebt an wie verrückt und das Beste...kein crash danach. Deshalb von mir volle Punktzahl!!!!!!!!
    Wer das alte Craze noch kennt und geliebt hat wird mit dem Zeug einen mehr als würdigen Ersatz finden.
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