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Templar Sword Brothers - Gods Rage


Brachial power and infinite energy for the merciless crusade against the cold, heavy iron in the gym

: Gods Rage


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    War Berry

    Brachial power and infinite energy for the merciless crusade against the cold, heavy iron in the gym

    We are in the 13th century, it is a particularly hot and exhausting day in the Holy Land. The sun seems unbearably, glaring and heating the ground so mercilessly that every step is like a step on hot coals. A caravan of pilgrims passes through the stony barren wasteland with the goal of Jerusalem - the Kingdom of Heaven. The sun obscures their view. They pilgrimage with their faith in the heart to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to free themselves from their sins. In their exhaustion they do not notice the merciless rider's squad, approaching them with the sun in the back. The defenceless pilgrims notice the attack only when the first of them are hit by arrows.

    Scared to death, some of them cling to each other as they are encircled by the cavalry. With their bows the screaming warriors ride like wild devils around the pilgrims which are paralyzed by fear! They are Saracens and they know no mercy! When the pilgrims believed that they had sent their last prayer to the sky, a true miracle happens. With thundering footsteps, tightly pressed into formation and heavily armed, a crusader section is approaching from a nearby hill!

    At full gallop they head straight for the Saracen cavalry and without thinking about their own lives, they break into the circling enemies which are so surprised by the attack that they do not even know what is happening to them. The Crusader lances hit their targets and hurl the riders like puppets from their horses. Many of the Saracens are immediately incapacitated and the rest of them are trying to regroup.

    The dust and sand takes away the view of the friars, but it does not require a clear field of vision to protect the life of the pilgrims. The order knight leader orders his men to abandon their horses and to go into defensive position. An awesome metallic sound echoes across the battlefield as the friars simultaneously pull the sharp steel of their swords from the scabbard. With nobility the Crusaders stand like a wall of swords around the surviving pilgrims. Shoulder to shoulder, overlapping the shields, they form an impenetrable wall.

    The Saracens start with targeted shelling from a safe distance. Significantly in the majority, they now circle the shield circle of the crusaders and bombard it continuously with a hail of arrows. With his sword in hand, the leader of the crusaders exhorts his men to their oath, "Protect the defenceless, this is your oath!". The hailstorm of arrows rains down on the friars, but their shields withstand the shelling. Knowing that the only way out is to fight the leader gives the order to attack!

    With faith in his heart, he plunges himself and half of his knights into battle. Screaming the words "God wants it!" they run to the enemy! With their swords shining in the sun, the friars strike at the horses of the enemies, which immediately fall to the ground and brutally throw off the riders. Numerous Saracens are killed immediately, before the remaining enemies notice this and proceed with a direct attack with the saber. A small bunch of crusaders faces a superior force of advancing Saracens to defend the lives of the defenceless until their last breath. With heroic and noble courage and the belief in justice, the friars fight for the freedom of the oppressed.

    We want to give you and your brothers this feeling of standing united as a unity for the just cause to join the crusade against the cold iron in the sacred gyms of these lands!

    Kneel down and look up! Swear to help the defenceless and helpless in the gyms of this world; stand by anyone who needs your help; illuminate the way of those who have left the right path. Always speak the truth, even if this means your death. Fight alongside your sword brothers and be a shining example for them! This is your oath - rise as a knight!

    Product Highlights:

    • A holy stimulant mix sent by God!
    • Brachial power and infinite energy for the merciless crusade against the cold iron in the gym!
    • A razor-sharp focus and an improved mental function will allow you to fully concentrate on your opponent in any combat situation!
    • A teutonic Pump will inflate your muscles so much that your chain mail will literally blown up!
    • Increased and faster gains in strength and size that will make you an invincible knights of the order!
    • Delayed fatigue and increased muscle endurance for victorious fights with the sword or against the cold iron!
    • A faster recovery during your hard fights and after the battle will enable you to go back to gym or battlefield sooner!
    • Exceed your personal bests and destroy all plateaus - and all enemies that get into your way!
    • Provides your muscles with maximum levels of nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones to prepare you and your brothers for a crusade against the toughest and most brutal enemies on the battlefield and in the gym.

    Templar - the comprehensive and complete pre-workout and pump booster that will give you everything you need for your fight against the cold steel and all opponents in the gym

    In the spirit of the Knights Templar, who have taken an oath to protect the helpless and weak and to always be there for their brothers, we have developed Templar - a pre-workout and pump booster that will help you with your crusade against the cold iron in the gym. Templar will do this without resorting to a kind of reckless, barbaric frenzy marked by inner turmoil and nervousness, as it is the case with some products that simply consist of an insane and exaggerated cocktail of stimulants. We wanted Templar to do more than just psych you up with stimulants without actively supporting your strength and your progress in your quest to be a muscle-packed and strong crusader. Not to mention that it would be contrary to the sacred oath of every Knights Templar to be selfish and ruthless in the fight against cold iron and all opponents in the gym and to ignore weaker or needy Iron Brothers.

    But do not get us wrong - Templar also contains stimulants, as these can have profound benefits when used properly. However, unlike companies that produce pure stimulant products, we focused on the right dosages and the right combination with other active ingredients. Because of this innovative combination of ingredients, Templar will make you wide awake, will give you a razor-sharp focus, and will maximize your ability to concentrate, so you can fully focus on the common mission of your fraternity.

    Another key factor that distinguishes Templar’s unique blend of stimulants and cognitive ingredients from exaggerated stimulant blends is the enhancement of your mind-muscle connection. Ask yourself what is more effective for being victorious in a fight with the sword or against the cold iron in the gym: a rage caused by stimulants, that will make you move your sword or your dumbbell simply driven by anger and aggression OR powerful movements during which you can focus on activating every single muscle fibre and thereby develop a kind of force that is not of this world?

    Of course, Templar does not stop here. Superhuman power for your crusade in the gyms of this world is just one of the steps on your way to a stronger and more muscular knightly body. And that's why we added other ingredients to Templar that will delay the onset of fatigue and allow you to perform longer and more intense with your sword or dumbbell. When developing Templar, we also added a mix of innovative pump-boosters which will give you an insane muscle pump that will literally blow up your chain mail and make you look even bigger and scarier for your opponents. In addition, our Holy Pump Matrix will maximize the supply of urgently needed oxygen, much-needed nutrients, and natural anabolic hormones for your hungry working muscles.

    It is the combination of all these factors that makes Templar a truly all-encompassing and complete pre-workout booster that will not only maximize your short-term performance, but will also bring you a step closer to your goals with each workout.

    Which way will you chose. Do you want to move mountains of steel in a ruthless rage without achieving significant long-term progress? Or do you want to be able to fully concentration on your sword or the cold steel in the gym to maximize your strength and performance and to get stronger and more muscular thanks to the Holy Stim Matrix and Templar's Holy Pump Matrix? And who will enjoy a higher prestige in the gym? The ruthless lone fighter who ignores everyone else or the strong and irrepressible knight who works out with his friars and always has an open ear for the inexperienced and those seeking help?

    The Holy Pump Matrix

    The Holy Pump Matrix consists of three ingredients that will maximize your pump using three different independent pathways and two completely different mechanisms. This means that there is no overlap and that the individual effects will accumulate.

    The first of these mechanisms is an increase in nitric oxide production, resulting in a dilation of your veins and an increased supply of oxygen, anabolic nutrients, and natural endogenous anabolic hormones for your working muscles. In addition to providing a maximum supply of urgently needed compounds, an improved blood flow to your muscles will also results in a faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products that will inevitably accumulate during hard muscle exertions and will accelerate the onset of muscle fatigue. All this will result in an increased maximum performance and more stamina of your muscles - qualities that can make the difference between success and failure of your workout.

    The second mechanism of action of the Holy Pump Matrix is an increase in muscle cell volume that will enhances your muscle pump, make your muscles appear bigger and fuller, and increase your muscle strength by improving the mechanical leverage. In addition to this, an increase in muscle cell volume in combination with a further increase of your muscle volume because of a better circulation has scientifically proven anabolic effects.

    All in all, the Holy Pump Matrix will not only give you a skin splitting muscle pump during your workout, but will also enable you to do fight harder and longer on the battlefield or against the cold steel of the weights - not to mention the awe-inspiring appearance of your maximally inflated muscles that will make your opponents flee in panic.


    L-citrulline is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in the body. It has been shown that l-citrulline will increase the arginine levels in your body significantly more than orally taken arginine. Arginine is the substrate for the l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway for the production of nitric oxide. The nitric oxide produced by this pathway will cause a dilation of your veins, resulting in the above described positive effects of an increased blood supply to your muscles. In addition, citrulline will increases the rate of your muscle protein synthesis, resulting in an accelerated muscle growth. Apart from this, l-citrulline can also reduce muscle soreness after your workout.

    Beetroot Powder

    Beetroot powder will provide your body with a boost of natural nitrate, which serves as a substrate for the second pathway that can increase your natural nitric oxide production: the nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway. This pathway is completely independent of the l-arginine - nitric oxide Synthase - nitric oxide pathway used by citrulline, meaning that the increases in nitric oxide production by these two pathways will fully add up. In addition, the nitrate – nitrite - nitric oxide pathway will not be hampered by an exercise-induced oxygen deficiency and an acidic environment, as it is the case with the l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway, meaning that this pathway will still produce nitric oxide, when the classic l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway has already given up. Like a valiant knight, this nitric oxide pathway will unselfishly support the weak that are no longer able to meet the challenges they face.

    Creatine HCL

    Creatine is not only the best scientifically studied supplement that can optimize and maximize your muscle performance through an increased ATP resynthesis and numerous other mechanisms, but also a highly effective compound to increase your muscle cell volume and your muscle cell hydration. This is primarily due to the fact that one gram of creatine stored in your muscles will bind more than 30 grams of water. This will not only result in larger and fuller appearing muscles, but also in a dramatic increase of your muscle pump and increased strength due to positive changes of the mechanical levers of your muscles - not to mention the anabolic effects of an increased muscle cell volume already mentioned above. When developing Templar we decided to use only creatine HCL, which is known for its superior bioavailability and is considered by experts to be the most effective form of creatine.

    The Holy Stim Matrix

    The Holy Stim Matrix is based on an innovative approach that does not rely on today’s widespread practice of simply using maximum amounts of stimulants to create a maximum stimulation. Instead of this, the effects of the Holy Stim Matrix more closely reflect the core values of the Knights Templar, who were repelled by barbaric and brutal fury in combat. By optimally combining effective ingredients in the right proportions, we have been able to develop an ingredient matrix that will make you wide awake and focused while optimizing your mind-muscle connection. This will allow you to fully concentrate on each muscle contraction and use each muscle fibre of your working muscles, which will ultimately give you much more power than a ravenous rage.

    These effects - and many other positive effects on power, recovery, and performance - are based on the following highly effective ingredients:


    Caffeine is one of the oldest but also most effective stimulants, which has positive effects on the entire body. The mental effects include heightened alertness, focus enhancement, and increased ability to concentrate. In addition, caffeine will also have a direct positive effect on your physical performance, as it can increase the power production of your muscles and improve the coordination of your muscle contractions, while increasing the usage of body fat as fuel to spare your muscle glycogen stores. All of this will help you to fight longer and with full concentration and maximum strength against the cold iron in the gym and any attacker who gets in your way, or threatens the weak and defenceless.


    1,3,7,9-tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione is a naturally stimulant that occurs in certain teas and is structurally related to caffeine. This stimulant exerts its effects using the same pathway as caffeine. The main difference between 1,3,7,9-tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione and caffeine is that your body does not get used to 1,3,7,9-tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione and therefore it will still have the same effect as at the beginning even after a long period of usage.

    Citrus aurantium

    Citrus Aurantium contains a compound that is structurally related to the legendary drug ephedrine and also has similar effects. Although the effects of Citrus Aurantium are somewhat weaker than those of ephedrine, Citrus Aurantium does not have the undesirable side effects attributed to Ephedrine. At least as interesting is the fact that Citrus Aurantium inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of caffeine and other stimulants in your body. So Citrus Aurantium acts like a knight, supporting his brothers Caffeine and 1,3,7,9-tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione so they can continue their fight with full force for longer.

    N-Acetyl Tyrosine

    N-acetyl tyrosine is something like the "consecrated" form of the amino acid l-tyrosine that combines all the benefits of tyrosine with a much better bioavailability. Tyrosine is the raw material your body needs to produce many important neurotransmitters, including adrenaline and norepinephrine. Tyrosine is essential for the efficacy and effectiveness of the Holy Stim Matrix, as caffeine, 1,3,7,9-tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione and Citrus aurantium exert their effects primarily through an increase of your body’s epinephrine and norepinephrine release. In addition, it was shown that by combining tyrosine and certain stimulants, the amount of the stimulant can be reduced by up to 50% without a loss of effect.

    In a figurative sense, one could imagine n-acetyl tyrosine as the steel from which the weapons of the Teutonic Knights were forged and without which they could not win a fight against armed opponents. Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate

    Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate is a precursor your body needs to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is needed for a smooth communication between nerve cells. This promotes focus, concentration, and an optimal mind-muscle connection, helping you to achieve a maximum performance when fighting with the sword or against the cold iron in the gym.

    Rhodiola rosea extract

    Rhodiola rosea extract is a powerful adaptogen that can improve your focus and your mood, and promote your mind-muscle connection, while relieving stress and increasing the release of "happiness hormones" like beta-endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in your brain. In addition, a Rhodiola rosea extract will increases the usage of fatty acids for fuel, while enhancing the resynthesis of ATP. This will spare muscle glycogen and result in a delayed onset of exhaustion, as well as an increased performance in the gym. And if all that were not enough, a Rhodiola rosea extract can lower elevated levels of cortisol and thereby protect your muscles as well as speed up your recovery. Rhodiola rosea extract is thus almost like a field hospital that will make battered and exhausted knights fit for the next fight.

    Adhatoda Vasica Extract

    The extract of the Indian Adhatoda vasica plant has been used in traditional medicine for millennia to treat asthma and to widen of the respiratory tract. A widening of the airways will result in an increased oxygen uptake and an improved oxygenation of the working muscles, allowing them to perform better for longer.

    Nephelium lappaceum

    Nephelium lappaceum works together synergistically with the Adhatoda vasica extract described above. It also has a pronounced antioxidant activity that counteracts an exercise induced increased production of cell damaging free radicals and will thereby accelerate your recovery during and after exercise.

    The brotherhood of synergistic and highly effective active Ingredients in Templar will help you to successfully fight any enemy that tries to steal your power. Become a knight of the iron, who supports his brothers in the fight against the hard steel in the gym and always has an open ear and a helping hand for the weak and helpless.

    Important note for athletes that are subject to tests for prohibited performance-enhancing substances:

    Please check the usage of this product in advance with your sports organization if you are being tested for prohibited performance enhancing substances. Although this product does not contain banned ingredients, the high-potency stimulants it contains may cause a false positive drug test. In addition, some sports organizations are banning the use of certain stimulants, which may even apply to seemingly natural and non-toxic ingredients like caffeine.


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