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Valhalla Vikingstorm - Gods Rage


I came into this world - screaming, covered with the blood of another. I have no problem to leave this world the same way! - See you in Valhalla!

: Gods Rage


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    Enemys Blood Odins Berries

    I came into this world - screaming, covered with the blood of another. I have no problem to leave this world the same way! - See you in Valhalla!

    The highlights of Valhalla:

    • Infinite energy and a razor-sharp focus for the most brutal fights against the cold steel of the weights
    • Pulverize all your opponents and all obstacles with the power of a true Northman who fears neither pain nor death
    • Extreme gains of strength and muscle mass that will make you a fearsome opponent for anyone who dares to stand in your way
    • Merciless pump and extreme muscle cell volumization for maximum power, insane workouts and a brutally muscular appearance that will install fear in all your adversaries
    • Maximum supply of oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones for your working muscles to make you invincible during any merciless battle

    "It is the year 936. Lightning flashes from the sky, the earth shakes under the thunder of Thor's hammer, it is raining heavily and a storm is sweeping across the barren coastal landscape. It seems as if Thor the Thunder God had prepared the battlefield for the merciless warriors from the far north. Since an hour ago, when the rectangular sails of the longboats appeared on the horizon, there is panic and horror. Even if it is only a small number of dragon boats and the enemy seems to be outnumbered, it is evident that there can be no escape, and that certain destruction is imminent, because the opponent is the worst nightmare any army can fear. They are the merciless and unbeatable Northmen better known as Vikings.

    Now the hour of truth has come. On the lakefront of the battlefield is a ferocious bunch of frightening, muscle-bound Nordic warriors with thick blond beards and aggressive looking vendel helmets threatening to swing their huge-looking battle axes. The native defenders shake from fear as the first row of Nordic warriors attacks. It is the legendary, superhumanly strong berserkers who, through consciousness-expanding plants and wild clamour, have entered a state of wild rage that leaves them feeling neither pain nor fear. The earth shakes under the onslaught of the Berserkers and the local fighters fall under the axe blows like blades of grass in the wind. Blood flows in streams, while the Berserker's battle axes mercilessly split the skulls of their enemies. The ground turns red and the Northmen are literally bathed in the blood of their opponents. But Vikings can only win, because if they die heroically in combat, they are awaiting entry into Valhalla and a place on Odin's table. A higher honour can not be given to any Nordic warrior!"

    You can experience this indescribable feeling of safe victory in a murderous battle without fear and mercy that was the purpose in life of any glorious Viking warrior, with Valhalla. Your axe is the barbell, your opponents are the cold steel of the weights and the competitors in the gym, which will seem feebler to you than ten-year-old girls from now on. Workout after Workout will mercilessly turn these enemies into dust and ashes as your fame, strength and unbridled muscle mass grows and grows and you win a seat in Valhalla, the hall of fame of the Nordic gods. With Valhalla you will become the most brutal and fearless Iron Warrior under Thor's cloud-covered, thunderstruck, sky that knows only victory.

    With Valhalla you will make a rich booty of strength and new muscle mass during your forays into the hell of agony and your battle against the cold iron of the weights!

    From the 8th to the 11th century, the Vikings were the most feared conquerors and fighters in Northern Europe, whom hardly anyone had anything to oppose. Their courage and fighting power were legendary and no place near the coast was safe from them. The Vikings were known to avoid neither death nor the mightiest enemy in the battle, since a heroic death in battle enabled them to get a place in Valhallah at Odin's Gladsheim Castle in Asgard.

    With these fearless conquerors as our role model, we've developed Valhalla - the ultimate pre-workout drink that will give you the power and fearlessness of a true Viking warrior. With Valhalla you will spread fear and terror in the gym and make rich loot in terms of strength and muscle gains. Beer and mead were the favourite drinks of the fearless Vikings, but we are convinced that this was only because our Valhalla did not exist back then ;-).

    What is the basis for Valhalla's unique and unrivalled brutal strength?

    The Vikings were not only invincible fighters who scared and frightened wherever they appeared - they were also gifted seafarers who sailed and rowed all over the world including America to make rich prey. We would not really earn the name Vikingstrorm if we had not adopted the features of the Vikings. With this in mind, we have spared no effort and, with Odin's help, captured the best and most powerful ingredients of the world to put them into Valhalla's unique formula. Valhalla's unrivalled formula will make you an invincible Viking warrior, who will be feared by all and who will destroying the gym during his raids. With Valhalla and the invincible power of the Nordic gods you will move weights that are unreachable for everyone else in the hell of cold iron called gym and make rich booty in terms of muscle mass and strength.

    Since one ingredient matrix is simply not enough for a true Nordic warrior, we've combined two blends of ingredients - Odin's Pump Matrix and Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix - to cover everything you would never have dreamed of in your wildest dreams.

    Odin's Pump & Muscle Stamina Matrix - 5000mg

    These potent compounds will provide you with all you need for a pitiless and victorious battle in the gym - a murderous muscle pump during your workout, a maximum supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and anabolic hormones for your hungry muscles, a maximum ATP resynthesis for maximum performance and a delayed muscle exhaustion. With Odin's Pump & Muscle Stamina Matrix, you'll put your opponents to flight like frightened children and gain new heroic victories day after day. From now on you will laugh about anything that once seemed unattainable to you. Odin's Pump & Muscle Stamina Matrix contains the most powerful scientifically supported and proven ingredients that are so unique and effective that they seem come directly from Asgard's Nordic gods:


    Maximum endurance was a prerequisite for any real Northman. After all, in the absence of wind, the victorious conquerors often had to move their longboats for days only with the oars. This would have killed any mere mortal but not our Nordic heroes who knew neither pain nor exhaustion. Although you may not have to fight the wild seas for days in the gym, the Viking's infinite strength endurance can give you more reps per set and more sets per workout and this will ultimately result in greater gains of strength and muscle mass.

    Beta Alanine is just right for this. During hard battles against the cold iron, an accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles will lead to a hyperacidity, which will accelerate the onset of muscle exhaustion. But beta-alanine will raise the levels of your body's strongest acid buffer called carnosine, which relentlessly battles muscle hyperacidity as you fight the weights, delaying the onset of fatigue.

    Arginine HCl

    Arginine hcl is an arginine salt that is much more water-soluble than pure arginine and can shine with a superior bioavailability. In your body, arginine will increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessel walls, using the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway, resulting in a dilatation of your veins and a better blood flow to your working muscles. In addition to a murderous muscle pump during your workouts, a better blood flow will result in a better supply of your muscles with much needed nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones, as well as a faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products that are produced during hard fights against the cold steel and that will accelerate the onset of fatigue. With arginine hcl you will always be victorious during hard fights in the hell of cold steel and will never show weakness or exhaustion.

    Creatine HCl

    Creatine is the best-studied and most effective performance-enhancing supplement and its effects have been proven by more than 1000 scientific studies. Of course we only use creatine hcl, which is the best form of creatine with the highest bioavailability.

    By increasing the ATP resynthesis during exercise, creatine can significantly increase strength and muscle endurance, while at the same time causing an increased muscle cell volumization. As a result, your muscles will not only look bigger, fuller, and more scary, but will also be able to move more weights because of a water retention in you muscle cells that will result in better biomechanical muscle leverages - not to mention the breathtaking pump and the heroic sense of invincibility that will come with an increased muscle cell volume.

    At this point, you are ahead of the brave Northmen! Since meat, which is the best natural creatine source, was a luxury item for the ancient Vikings, they could only have dreamed of a creatine-maximized performance. We are sure that the Nordic warriors in England in 1066 would not have been struck by the immense superiority of the British if they already had creatine.

    Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix - 2735mg

    Without the right boost of energy, even the strongest Viking warrior will not win his fight. Fortunately, Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix is so powerful that earlier generations of the victorious Northmen would have been firmly convinced that it must come directly from the Nordic gods - and who knows, maybe Odin really did have his share in developing this formula ... we can not say anything about this ;-)

    Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix contains a stunning synergistic combination of the strongest legally available stimulants that will give you the power and fighting spirit of a true Berserker. The Berserkers were Nordic elite warriors who always fought in the front row and felt neither fear nor pain. In the famous Battle of Stamford Bridge, a single overpowering, muscle-bound berserker defended a bridge on his own, killing over 40 enemies. There are historians who firmly believe that these properties were based on the intake of certain mushrooms or other intoxicating plants. Of course, Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix will not intoxicate you – it will just maximize your strength and your will to win. But as you'll soon see, we also had to use a very special mushroom ;-).

    But raw power and energy are not everything. It's the razor-sharp focus during combat that sets a heroic and victorious Viking apart from a dumb barbarian who simply lobs his club at everything that moves. Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix will give you this invaluable advantage with the following mythical ingredients that can make all the difference between superior victory and ruin:


    Unfortunately, it is not known if the fearless Vikings have already come to know plants containing caffeine on their long trading and conquest trips, but we are sure that they would have loved caffeine. Caffeine has a central stimulating effect that will dramatically improve your focus, your ability to concentrate, and your will to fight. In addition, caffeine can directly and fiercely increase your muscle power, eliminate fatigue, and take your anaerobic stamina and perseverance to a whole new level, allowing you to fight with the highest concentration and more power & endurance on the battlefield and in the gym.

    It is widely known that caffeine works together synergistically with almost all other stimulants, which of course also applies to the other components of Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix. Such an irrepressible fighting force will make you, like any real warrior, look for new challenges and heroic victories in merciless battles against the most powerful opponents.

    Citraus Aurantium Extract (Synephrine)

    Synephrine, a compound contained in Citrus Aurantium extract, is a powerful stimulant that is structurally closely related to the legendary ephedrine of long gone heroic times. But Synephrine is much more than just a stimulant: is works together synergistically with the other stimulants in Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix and slows down their degradation in your liver, resulting in a longer and stronger effect of these stimulants. This combination is reminiscent of the Viking's clout - a Viking alone is already scary and fierce, but the crew of a Nordic longboat is so superior and invincible that no enemy will survive a fight.

    Panax Ginseng Extract

    Although it is not known whether the Vikings with their longboats also reached Asia, we decided to add a powerful 10:1 extract of Asian Panax Ginseng to Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix. Ginsenosides contained in Ginseng work synergistically together with caffeine and other stimulants, significantly enhancing their effects. The interesting thing is that only the positive effects in terms of strength and focus will be improved while there will be no undesirable increase in nervousness and restlessness. A fearless Viking does not know anything like nervousness, and to our knowledge there was no word in the Northmen's tongue for that sense of weakness. With Panax Ginseng, you'll keep a cool head in the toughest and most merciless battles despite significantly increased stimulating effects.


    L-tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid and the precursor of the strongest body-own stimulating neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. It was shown that an intake of l-tyrosine can increase the natural levels of these potent neurotransmitters. In addition, l-tyrosine can significantly enhance the effects of stimulants such as caffeine, synephrine and 2-aminoisoheptane, which exert part of their stimulating and performance enhancing effects by increasing the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine.

    Of course, we have not simply used regular l-tyrosine in Valhalla. Instead of this we decided to use Odin's magical version of this amino acid which is called n-acetyl-l-tyrosine. This version of l-tyrosine is characterized by a 20 times better water solubility and a much higher bioavailability. Comparing n-acetyl-l-tyrosine to simple l-tyrosine is about the same as comparing a fearless Viking with a puny English peasant.

    Caterpillar Fungus Extract

    Do you still remember the Berserkers with their intoxicating fungi that increased their strength and fighting spirit? Of course, we could not and did not want to use consciousness-expanding substances in Valhalla, but we have found another fungus that could give you similar benefits during your merciless fight against the cold iron in the gym and your opponents on the contest stage.

    Also known as Cordyceps, which has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries, the Caterpillar fungus can increase your energy levels by stimulating the same receptors as caffeine. In addition it can also increase your ATP production, resulting in an unruly increased performance during merciless fights on the battlefield and in the gym. At least as interesting is the fact that extracts of this fungus may significantly increase your body's natural testosterone production. An excess of testosterone and manhood was one of the secrets of the indomitable Nordic warriors. More testosterone can help you to be even more victorious and to gain maximum amounts of brutal muscle mass and strength for merciless battles in the gym.

    Rhodiola Rosea Extract

    A Rhodiola Rosea extract is an adaptogen that can improve mood and focus by increasing your body’s levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, as well as increasing the release of beta endorphins. In addition, this highly effective plant extract has the amazing ability to boost your ATP resynthesis during hard battles against the cold steel of the weights, as well as promoting an increased use of body fat for fuel. This will not only help you to lose fat, but also spare precious muscle glycogen for longer and harder battles in the gym. As an added bonus Rhodiola Rosea will promote your post-workout recovery and may even lower your body’s levels of the catabolic, muscle wasting hormone cortisol that is produced in reaction to physical stress during your workouts.


    A Shisandra extract is a relatively new supplement ingredient that has a number of very promising properties. According to scientific studies, a Shisandra extract can delay the onset of fatigue by reducing the accumulation of lactic acid. It can increase your physical performance while reducing exercise-induced muscle injuries and lowering your levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol. Which real warrior would deny these benefits? So we had no choice but to include Shisandra in Odin's Energy & Focus Matrix.

    Ginkgo Biloba Extract

    Ginkgo Biloba is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Ginkgo improves the blood flow to your muscle tissue and brain and is known for its focus and cognitive enhancing effects. With Ginkgo Biloba, you'll be able to maximise your focus and to keep a cool head during the heaviest battles in the gym and on the contest stage, what will ultimately lead to victory


    Astaxanthin is a pigment found naturally in some fish, algae and seafood. The old Vikings already consumed astaxanthin abundantly because of their fish-rich diet and benefited from it without being aware of its advantages. Since astaxanthin promotes the use of body fat as fuel during physical exertion and therefore fewer carbohydrates are burned, it has a glycogen-sparing effect. This means that your muscle's glycogen stores remain fuller for longer, that fatigue will set in much later and that you can perform longer high-intensity workouts in the gym. Any real fighter - Viking or Iron Warrior - would kill for such benefits.

    Bioperin Exrakt

    BioPrine® is a standardized and patented black pepper extract containing 98% piperine. Piperin inhibits a variety of enzymes responsible for breaking down the active ingredients in Valhalla. This will amplify and prolong the overall impact of this incredible booster.

    Grow beyond yourself with Valhalla and become a merciless Iron Warrior who will not shy away from any challenge and whom even the victorious and fearless Vikings would show respect. Turn all enemies, obstacles, and training plateaus into dust, as the legendary Northmen in their longbows destroyed the settlements of their enemies.

    With the help of Valhalla, you will be victorious during all your forays in the gym, making rich prey in terms of infinite strength and maximum muscle mass, while all your former opponents will be wallowing in the dust at your feet, begging for mercy and pity. But mercy has become a foreign word for you, because thanks to Valhalla you have transformed yourself into a worthy descendant of the Nordic heroes, who feared neither death nor devil.

    Important note for athletes that are subject to tests for prohibited performance-enhancing substances:

    Please check the usage of this product in advance with your sports organization if you are being tested for prohibited performance enhancing substances. Although this product does not contain banned ingredients, the high-potency stimulants it contains may cause a false positive drug test. In addition, some sports organizations are banning the use of certain stimulants, which may even apply to seemingly natural and non-toxic ingredients like caffeine.

    By Alessandro C on 02/1/2018 5
    Title: bester booster
    Text: kann ich nur jedem empfehlen, mit 1.5 Scoops ist es die pure Zerstörung.!
    By Noah H on 12/3/2017 4
    Title: Zufrieden
    Text: Für mich der erste Stim Booster.
    Geschmack finde ich persönlich zum kotzen. (Enemys Blood)

    Wirkung top
    By Daniel V on 01/13/2017 4
    Title: Ganz ok.
    Text: Geschmack: Odins Berries ☆Top☆ ♡

    Wirkung: An sich ganz in Ordnung. Wurde leicht unruhig. Beim ersten mal probieren bzw. nach dem Training hats leider nen Absturz gegeben.
    By Rene U on 10/4/2016 4
    Title: Sehr, sehr gut
    Text: Habe Cocos Geschmack, schmeckt super und ich empfinde die schärfe also sehr doll aber hauptsache der Boost stimmt. Bin sonst sehr zufrieden.
    By Tim S on 09/5/2016 5
    Title: Hammer Booster
    Text: Schmeckt klasse mit schöner leichten Schärfe die Odins Berries Version.
    Wirkt schnell und taugt was es soll!!!!
    bin sehr zufrieden.
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