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The probably strongest and most effective pre-workout booster and pump maximizer since the ban of AMP Citrate and Agmatine. So strong that you'll soon forget these agents even existed.

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    Exotic Ice Energie Orange Ice

    The probably strongest and most effective pre-workout booster and pump maximizer since the ban of AMP Citrate and Agmatine. So strong that you'll soon forget these agents even existed.

    Product highlights:

    •    extreme, almost skin-bursting pumps that surpass everything you've experienced before.
    •    extreme, long-lasting energy for the most brutally intense workouts in your life
    •    brachial strength that will have you break through any plateau
    •    razor-sharp focus that will make you forget everything outside the gym
    •    increased stamina and endurance for "the one more rep" which can make all the difference
    •    super-charged protein synthesis for maximal lean mass accrual
    •    lightning-fast recovery during and after your workouts
    •    reduced levels of catabolic cortisol during and after workouts
    •    faster and more pronounced muscle gains in strength and size
    •    glycogen-sparing effects due to increases in fatty acid oxidation in the musculature
    •    scientifically proven and perfectly dosed ingredients
    •    super-charged with Gigas Nutrition's unique Polyhdrate™ Absorption Technology

    An obituary on AMP citrate and the beginning of a new era

    The pre-workout market has been shattered by the ban of AMP-citrate, which had taken the place of DMAA as the go-to stimulant in the majority of preworkout products and the subsequent ban of agmatine, the nitric oxide booster that delivered what regular arginine only promised: extreme pumps and an increase in blood flow to the muscle that is… or rather was without equal.

    But the time for grief is over now. A new era of pre-workout program is about to begin, one based on science and the optimal combination of synergistic ingredients, one that does not depend on soon-to-be-banned stimulants. An era that starts today: with the release of Narc Genesis.

    Narc Genesis has everything that you could possible ask from a pre-workout formula!
    With brachial strength, maximal training performance, extreme endurance, razor-sharp focus Narc Genesis delivers what you need to train at a higher intensity than ever before. Workouts in which you will dominate the cold iron weighs as if they were made from foam. Workouts that will be so intense that 95% of the other trainees in your gym would be puking half-way into them. Workouts that would make others cry like small girls. Workouts that no one else will keep up with.

    With Narc Genesis you will use more weight, do more reps and more heavy duty sets per workout than ever before, you will be able to postpone muscle fatigue by hours, train longer and more intense than ever before and feel unearthly energy pumping through your veins during and after each workout. Narc Genesis will reward you with unprecedented muscle and strength gains and a razor-sharp focus that will make the hours in the gym pass by in no time: no chatting, no sitting at the bar, no idleness; just pure productive intensity.

    The one question that remains to be answered, though, is: Are you ready for workouts like that? Do you have what it takes to actually USE Narc Genesis or are you one of the unmotivated hobby athletes who are going to the gym only to show off their latest sports gadgets?

    Almost skin-bursting pumps and extreme increases in blood flow in the working musculature
    Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that, form him, the pump during his workouts was better than sex. If you share Arnold's opinion and cherish skin-bursting pumps and a road-map veins on your arms and legs in the way Arnold did, we can guarantee: you are going to love Narc Genesis and its ability to produce otherworldly pumps and an unparalleled vascularity and pump which is accompanied by a highly ergogenic increase in blood and nutrient flow to the working muscle.
    Unlike the feeling of being pumped, the increase in blood flow is of actual physiological importance. By increasing the influx of amino acids, glucose, oxygen and hormones, and the efflux of metabolic waste products, it can increase your training performance and propel your intra- and post-workout recovery, significantly.

    Accelerates regeneration and promotes muscle protein synthesis directly
    As you all know, muscles won't grow during your workouts, but rather after them, while you are recovering from exhausting yourself in the gym. While you are training, however, your body is constantly at a risk of transitioning into a catabolic state. Here's where Narc Genesis comes in. Its ability to increase the blood, nutrient and hormone supply to the musculature will propel regeneration and transform a potentially catabolic into a highly anabolic, muscle-building hormonal and metabolic milieu.

    By increasing the use of fatty acids as a fuel during your workouts and amplifying your anti-oxidant defenses, Narc Genesis will also spare your glycogen stores and protect your muscles from damage. That's big news, as this will allow you to return to the gym must faster, in order to set another growth stimulus to further augment the muscle protein synthetic response that is promoted and backed up by Narc Genesis and its antioxidant constituents.
    Altogether, Nar Genesis' multi-angle approach to training intensity, muscle protection, recovery and protein synthesis provides everything you need to make every next workout the hardest you've ever had while allowing you to recovering completely before you even get the chance to tear down the gym once again, in order to reward yourself with strength and size gains beyond what you thought possible.

    What are the innovative and highly effective synergistic ingredients of Narc Genesis?
    Narc Genesis derives its ergogenic power from a combination of the innovative Genesis Ultra Pump and Ultra Focus matrices. Together, they will give you what other pre-workout products only promise.

    The Narc Genesis Ultra Pump Matrix

    Narc Genesis' Ultra Pump Matrix contains a blend of ingredients specifically designed to deliver the skin-bursting pumps you thought you'd lost with the ban of agmatine earlier this year. By simultaneously increasing the blood flow to your muscles it will postpone the onset of muscular fatigue, allow you to train at higher volumes, intensities and frequencies to trigger muscle growth at a level you didn't even think exists, before.

    The increase in blood flow that is responsible for these benefits is a result of an increased production of the vasodilator nitric oxide, aka NO. NO relaxes the smooth muscles in your blood vessels and thus allow more blood to pass through your arteries and veins. In contrast to other pre-workout Narc Genesis' Ultra Pump Matrix facilitates this process by a highly specific combination of ingredients that has nothing to do with the kitchen sink approach of the average competitor. And to make sure that all ingredients can take optimal effect, we've enhanced their bioavailability with our unique, yet expensive Polyhydrate™ Nutrient Delivery Formula – why? Well, we know that you expect from GN Laboratories' products perfection, nothing less.

    Arginin Polyhydrate™ (buffered Arginin HCl)

    Arginine HCL is the best-researched and most-frequently used agent to boost the production of nitric oxide. It promotes the production of an enzyme called eNOS that is responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the cells of your blood vessels walls. An increase in the production of this enzyme is thus tantamount to an increase in nitric oxide production, which translates into increases in pump and blood-flow to the working musculature.
    Arginine is also the raw material your body uses to produce nitric oxide. Even if you used other agents to increase eNOS, you'd thus still require sufficient amounts of arginine to be converted to nitric oxide to see the benefits in pump and vascularity you rightly expect from a good preworkout.

    Unfortunately, with regular l-arginine, much of the amino acid does not even make it into the bloodstream. To overcome this lack of bioavailability, Narc Genesis contains Arginine Polyhydrate™, a more stable and bioavailable version of the nitric oxide precursor.

    What? Oh, yes. You've read about the rumor that arginine alone won't boost the production of NO in your musculature? Well, luckily we've found a complement that solves this problem. Just continue reading and you'll learn what it is that makes the difference.


    When you ingest large quantities of arginine, your body will usually convert only a minor part of it to nitric oxide before the increase in another enzyme that goes by the name of arginase will feed it into the uric acid cycle. Since our R&D tea new about this problem, they have included a significant amount of L-norvaline in Narc Genesis' Ultimate Pump Formula.

    L-norvaline has the unique ability to block arginase and thus divert the arginine in from Narc Genesis' Ultra Pump Matrix right into the nitric oxide cycle, where it will be converted to NO (+55% more NO than with arginine, alone) and facilitate the exact same pumps for which you've paid, when you bought Narc Genesis.

    Citrulline Polyhydrate™ (buffered L-Citrullin)

    Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid that is capable of increasing the nitric oxide production, pump and blood supply to your skeletal muscles. This owes this effect to your body's ability to convert citrulline into arginine right where you want this to happen most: in the musculature. In that, the conversion is so effective that orally ingested arginine will eventually increase the arginine levels in your blood to a greater extent than arginine itself.
    Since citrulline will also increase the production of your cells primary energy fuel, ATP, it is no wonder that studies have shown that citrulline will, next to its ability to boost skeletal muscle protein synthesis, also increase your endurance during and recovery after workouts. To put it into a nutshell: citrulline is a pump agent with ergogenic effects independent of its ability to boost the production of nitric oxide.

    To ensure that you will get optimal results our R&D team chose to combine it with our unique Polyhydrate Nutrient Delivery Matrix to achieve a bioavailability that outshadows all citrulline products you may have tried before.

    Beta Alanine Polyhydrate™ (buffered Beta Alanine)

    Beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is the rate limiting factor in your body's own production of carnoside from beta alanine and l-histidine. In other words, unless you supplement with sufficient amounts of beta alanine the level of the important intra-cellular buffer, carnosine, will always remain sub-optimal and allow lactic acid to accumulate up to the point where your muscles' ph-values is low enough to significantly impair your performance during workouts.
    Next to creatine, beta alanine is one of the best-researched natural ergogenic. Studies have been able to show that athletes can increase their carnosine levels by up to 80% by consuming beta alanine. Since beta alanine is also a precursor to eNOS, of which you've learned before that it is responsible for the production of nitric oxide, which makes beta alanine the perfect synergist to the other NO boosters in Narc Genesis' unique Ultimate Pump Matrix.

    Just like arginine and citrulline the beta alanine in Narc Genesis has been enhanced with our unique Polyhydrate™ delivery matrix and thus offers a higher stability and bioavailability than regular beta alanine.


    As you've learned before, l-histidine is the compound your body needs to synthesis carnosine. To make sure that this process doesn't fail due to a lack of histidine, our R&D team included a precisely matched amount of this precious amino acid in Narc Genesis' Ultra Pump Formula.

    Creatine Polyhydrate® (buffered Creatine HCl)

    Creatine is by far the best-researched supplement in the world of health and fitness. It has been and still is popular among strength athletes, bodybuilders and everyone seeking to increase his performance for more than 20 years. Creatine can increase the ATP resynthesis during your workouts significantly and thus allow you to train harder than ever before. In addition, creatine has been shown to augment muscle growth and to make your muscles look fuller within a few days of supplementation by sucking water into the muscle cells. This in turn will further augment the pumps you will experience during workouts and has, in addition, been linked to creatine's muscle building effects.

    In order to maximize its beneficial effects Creatine Polyhydrate™ contains a unique combination of creatine HCL, an acid buffer and probiotic bacteria. Together, the latter will increase the already high stability and bioavailability of creatine HCL beyond that of any other creatine product.

    Narc Genesis' Ultra Focus Matrix

    Narc Genesis' Ultra Focus Matrix combines the four most effective and powerful legal focus and energy boosters on the market at a scientifically proven ratio for maximal synergistic effects.

    Thanks to the unique Ultra Focus Matrix using Narc Genesis will allow for razor-sharp focus and an unparalleled ability to concentrate during your workouts. Its potent stimulant effects will also augment your strength and postpone the onset of fatigue, significantly, allowing you to do more sets and reps with heavier weights to eventually trigger superior increases in strength and muscle size.

    Caffeine anhydrous

    Caffeine is rightly a standard ingredient in every pre-workout product. We would even go so far as to say that a pre-workout without caffeine would be incomplete. After all, caffeine has the scientifically proven ability to reduce the rate of exertion, increase your ability to focus and concentrate and directly promote your performance during workouts. Overall, caffeine is thus the perfect agent to lift more weight for more sets and reps during overall more intense workouts.
    Due to its positive effects on fatty acid oxidation caffeine has the added advantage of sparing muscle glycogen and thus allowing you to train longer at higher intensity levels while burning body fat as fuel.


    Theacrine is the innovative "new kid" among the stimulants. It occurs naturally in certain types of tea and is structurally similar to caffeine. Since it acts its stimulating magic via completely different physiological pathways, though, it makes the perfect synergist to caffeine, which could make you feel shaky and over-stimulated if it's taken in very high doses. theacrine, on the other hand, has no such effects; neither does theacrine trigger the same habituation effects caffeine does and will thus not lose its efficacy over tie. This means that theacrine can be used continuously and will be as potent after a month of chronic usage as it was on day one. For a stimulant this is almost unique!

    Theacrine will increase your training energy significantly, boost your mental focus during intense workouts and improve your mood and motivation to train.

    Rhodiola rosea extrakt

    Extracts from Rhodiola rosea have been shown to significantly improve subjects' moods and ability to focus in scientific studies. In conjunction with its effects on your ability to manage physical and emotional stress, it makes the perfect adaptogen to be added to Narc Genesis' Ultra Focus Matrix. An addition that will keep your cortisol levels in check and optimize the amount of the important neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin in the brain.
    But Rhodiola rosea extracts can do even more: scientific studies show that they will postpone the onset of fatigue and improve athletes' endurance. These effects are facilitated at least partly by the glycogen-sparing effects Rhodiola owes to its ability to increase the use of fatty acids as major energy sources in every cell of your body. In addition, Rhodiola extracts have been found to have significant anti-oxidant activity. Significant enough to enhance muscle recovery and repair, as well as to protect your muscle from the catabolic effects of overtraining.

    Get Narc Genesis today and take a huge step towards achieving your goals tomorrow.

    The Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

    It is one thing to have the best raw ingredients in your products. It is however a completely different thing to deliver the effectively and at dosages as they are required to elicit the potent effects you desire.
    This is where the Polyhydrate™ Unique Delivery Technology comes it. Its ability to buffer the active ingredients of our products against the destructive effects of your stomach acid allows for significantly higher amounts of the active ingredient to be actually delivered into the bloodstream. This increase in "bioavailability" as scientists call it, makes each and every capsule of Narc Genesis significantly more potent than similarly dosed comparative products.

    Wichtiger Hinweis für Sportler, die an Wettkämpfen teilnehmen und/oder auf verbotene leistungssteigernde Substanzen getestet werden:

    Bitte sprechen Sie die Verwendung dieses Produkts im Voraus mit Ihrer Sportorganisation ab, falls Sie auf verbotene leistungssteigernde Substanzen getestet werden. Auch wenn dieses Produkt keine verbotenen Inhaltsstoffe enthält, können die enthaltenen hochwirksamen Stimulanzien unter Umständen einen falschen positiven Dopingtest zur Folge haben. Darüber hinaus verbieten einige Sportorganisationen die Verwendung bestimmter Stimulanzien, was selbst für scheinbar natürliche und unverfängliche Inhaltsstoffe wie Koffein gelten kann.

    Schütteln Sie dieses Produkt gut durch, um die ultra konzentrierten Inhaltsstoffe vor dem Öffnen gleichmäßig zu durchmischen.

    Rühren Sie 1 bis 2 Nar Genesis ultra konzentrierte Messlöffel in 100 bis 300 ml Wasser ein und trinken Sie diese Mischung 30 bis 45 Minuten vor Beginn des Trainings.

    Beginnen Sie mit einem Messlöffel, um die Verträglichkeit abzuschätzen und steigern Sie die Dosierung langsam.

    Aufgrund der extremen Wirkung wird dringend empfohlen zunächst die Verträglichkeit zu testen, bevor die volle Dosis verwendet wird (2 Messlöffel). Nehmen Sie dieses Produkt nicht innerhalb der letzten 6 Stunden vor dem zu Bett Gehen ein, um Schlaflosigkeit vorzubeugen. ÜBERSCHREITEN SIE 2 MESSLÖFFEL INNERHALB VON 24 STUNDEN NICHT.

    By Lasse M on 02/28/2018 4
    Title: Stabiler Booster
    Text: Der Booster ist so wie erwartet, nicht zu hart nicht zu schwach.
    Er kommt auf keinen Fall an den Godmode ran weder geschmacklich noch mit der Wirkung. Doch das sollte eigentlich klar sein.
    Positiv: kein Crash, guter Fokus, moderat und gut zu händeln
    Der Godmode bekommt 5 Sterne, dieser nur 4.
    By Marc J on 10/26/2016 4
    Title: Dossierungen nicht hoch genug
    Text: An und für sich ok, wenn die Wirkstoffe höher dosiert wären.
    By marcel B on 07/2/2016 5
    Title: Super Produkt
    Text: Kann ich nur empfehlen zum Training !
    Super Kraft!
    Super Ausdauer !
    Super Focus !

    Immer wieder gerne !

    Best Regards
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