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BCAA Tera Caps 1200 GN Laboratories

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    Anabolic and anticatabolic BCAA blend in a 2: 1: 1 ratio for supporting muscle growth, muscle retention, post-workout recovery and fat loss support in form of innovative Tera caps with maximum content and minimal capsule size.

    Product Highlights:

    • Supports and accelerates muscle growth
    • Strong anabolic effect
    • Stimulation and enhancement of protein synthesis
    • Increased aerobic and anaerobic athletic performance
    • postpones exhaustion during your workout
    • Optimization and acceleration of your post-workout recovery
    • Reduction of catabolic cortisol levels after your workout
    • Replenish the BCAA stores post-workout
    • Can reduce muscle soreness post-workout
    • Anticatabolic protection against a diet-induced muscle breakdown
    • Can curb appetite and prevent cravings
    • Contains the perfect 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine
    • Innovative Tera Caps with 1200 mg BCAAs per capsule


    Why are GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 perfect for any athlete and bodybuilder?

    The three branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine – also known as BCAAs - bear their name because of their unique molecular structure. BCAAs are essential amino acids, the body can not produce itself and therefore they must be ingested in form of food or supplements.

    Numerous scientific studies and countless testimonials from athletes and bodybuilders show that BCAAs have many unique benefits when it comes to muscle growth, athletic performance, post-workout recovery and anticatabolic protection of lean muscle mass during a fat loss diet.

    BCAAs can speed up your muscle growth significantly by increasing your muscle protein synthesis, they can significantly increase your athletic performance and endurance during aerobic and anaerobic activities and they can optimize and accelerate your post-workout recovery. During a strict fat loss diet, they can prevent an almost inevitable catabolic muscle breakdown, effectively curb your appetite and prevent cravings. Even though it is not widely known, BCAAs can significantly increase the body's testosterone production and reduce elevated catabolic cortisol levels post-workout and during a fat loss diet.

    In other words, branched-chain amino acids are an excellent supplement for athletes of all disciplines during all stages of the training season that will help you to achieve your goals.


    What sets GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 apart from many other BCAA products?

    We use the scientifically proven ideal 2:1:1 ratio of the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Many scientific studies have shown that BCAAs combined in this ratio it can be better absorbed and used by the body than any other blend of BCAAs.

    Since BCAAs in powder form are poorly soluble in water or other fluids and their taste is generally described as being disgusting, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 have a big advantages compared to BCAA products in powder, because the active ingredients are encapsulated in our innovative Tera Caps. A disadvantage of other BCAA capsules is that you have to swallow a fairly large amount of capsules to get an effective dose of BCAAs and many users consider this as being very unpleasant.

    We have made every effort to minimize this inconvenience by providing you with a BCAA product, that takers advantage of our innovative Tera Caps. Our Tera Caps contain 1200 mg BCAAs per capsule. This is a significantly larger amount of BCAAs per capsule than you will find in most other products. This is made possible by our innovative capsule filling technology that gets more BCAA powder into on capsule than a conventional capsule filling procedure. Because of this you need to swallow fewer capsules to get an effective dose of BCAAs.


    GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 will promote muscle growth and athletic performance

    It has been known for a long time that BCAAs can accelerate your muscle growth by stimulating and enhancing your muscle protein synthesis. According to recent scientific data, this is primarily based on the effects of the branched-chained amino acid leucine that activates the enzyme mTOR, which is responsible for triggering and maximizing the muscle protein synthesis. This fact is one of the reasons why GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 contain twice as much leucine as valine and isoleucine. In addition, BCAAs can lower elevated catabolic cortisol levels and new scientific studies have shown that BCAAs can even increase the natural levels of the anabolic hormone testosterone. It should be quite clear, that reducing the levels of catabolic hormones while increasing the levels of anabolic hormones will result a marked acceleration of your muscle growth.

    But the benefits of GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 are not limited to an accelerated muscle growth. GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can also increase your exercise performance during anaerobic and aerobic workout sessions and delay the onset of exhaustion. This is based on the fact that BCAAs can be used by your muscle cells as a source of energy when your muscle glycogen reserves are running low. In addition GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can reduce the production of lactic acid during your workout. This counteracts an over-acidification of your muscles that reduces your muscle performance and ultimately leads to muscle failure. In other words, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 will allow you to do more repetitions per set and will increase your endurance during aerobic activities.

    As an additional bonus, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can also help to postpone the onset of mental exhaustion, which means that you can exercise longer with maximum mental focus.


    GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 will promote and accelerate your post-workout recovery

    About 35% of all BCAAs in the human body are stored in your muscle tissue, and during intensive physical activities BCAAs can be metabolized directly in your muscles to provide additional energy. This leads to a large consumption of BCAAs during intensive workouts, resulting in low BCAA concentrations and a catabolic environment post-workout.

    Since BCAAs are essential amino acids that can not be produce by the human body, it may take several hours, until the depleted BCAA stores of your muscles are replenished post-workout and this can greatly impair your post-workout recovery. But it has not to be this way! After your workout, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can quickly replenish your BCAA levels and transform an exercise induces catabolic environment into an anabolic muscle building environment rapidly. This can significantly accelerate your post-workout recovery.

    In addition to this, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can be used pre-workout to prevent a reduction of the BCAA concentrations in your muscles during your workout. This may prevent an exercise induced catabolic environment in the first place.


    GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can support any fat loss diet and help to protect your hard earned muscle mass from a catabolic breakdown

    During a strict calorie-reduced fat loss diet, you will almost invariably loose some lean muscle mass, too. One reason for this is that your muscle glycogen stores will be depleted sooner during a low calorie diet and your body has turn to BCAAs as an alternative source of energy. This will exhaust the body's BCAA stores and as a consequence your body may have to break down muscle protein to get the much needed BCAAs. Anybody who has already been on a strict fat loss diet will know this unwanted side effect.

    The good news is that you can prevent this horror scenario by supplementing with GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 as these will provide the body with the BCAAs that it desperately needs. In addition to this GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 will enhance your muscle protein synthesis and reduce catabolic cortisol levels by BCAA supplementation. This will counteract an unwanted muscle loss during any fat loss diet.

    As an additional bonus, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can curb hunger and appetite and prevent cravings by stabilizing your blood glucose level. This will make your fat loss diet much easier to endure. If you are hungry, simply take one serving of GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 with plenty of liquid.


    What are the best times for using GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200?

    Pre-workout:Take before your workout, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can deliver a BCAAs boost. These additional BCAAs can increase your muscle endurance and counteract an exercise induced catabolic condition.

    Post-workout:Taken after your workout, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can replenish the BCAA stores that have been exhausted during your workout and accelerate your post-workout recovery. In addition to this, BCAAs will trigger and enhance your muscle protein synthesis, while they are lowering exercise induced elevated catabolic cortisol levels at the same time. The combination of these effects will accelerate your muscle growth dramatically.

    Between meals:Scientific studies have shown that BCAAs taken between meals can stimulate your muscle protein synthesis and promote muscle growth. During a fat loss diet, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can also counteract a diet-induced catabolic muscle breakdown and protect your hard-earned muscle mass.

    If you are hungry of feel cravings for food:When hunger sets in during a fat loss diet, GN Laboratories BCAA Tera Caps 1200 can help to curb hunger and appetite by stabilizing your blood glucose levels and ease the time until your next planned meal more.


    Tera Caps - the revolution in the area of supplements in capsule form!

    Maximum amounts of active ingredients with minimum capsule size

    Numerous supplements such as BCAAs, glutamine, creatine and many more are offered in convenient capsules. To get effective amounts of ingredients that are dosed in the gram range and are often referred to as bulk supplements, you may have to swallowing a large amount of capsules – and not everyone likes this.

    We have great news for you: Our innovative Tera Caps will make your life much easier! Although Tera Caps are not larger than capsules from other manufacturers, they contain a larger amount of active ingredients due to an innovative new technology used for filling the capsules. This means that you will have to swallow fewer capsules to consume the same amount of ingredients as with other products.

    You will probably wonder how it is possible to pack larger amounts of supplement ingredients into the same capsule size. The answer has to do with the method of capsule filling. Regular capsules are usually not filled to 100% as a result of the used filling process. We have perfected this process and can make better use of the space inside the capsules. This allows us to significantly increase the amount of active ingredients per capsule.


    The GN Laboratories guarantee of quality

    We use only the purest ingredients of the highest possible quality, the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you the same high quality standards of all our products, each of our products is regularly third party laboratory tested for purity and quality of all its ingredients.

    Take 2 x 4 capsules daily with plenty of fluids.

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