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Biotech BCAA Nano 3D Pharmaceutical grade amino acids!

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    Biotech BCAA Nano 3D Pharmaceutical grade amino acids!


    • 1,800mg OF BCAAs DAILY

    When it comes to building quality muscle mass, the right amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) is of immense importance. Using BCAA Nano 3D you deliver 1,800mg of BCAAs to your muscles.


    Nano Particulated Amino Acids

    Scientifically engineered Biotech BCAA Nano 3D uses nano-particulated, pharmaceutical grade amino acids developed with a time-release mechanism to promote long-term absorption and maintain a lean muscle building (anabolic) effect over time. The nano BCAA particles in Biotech BCAA Nano 3D start an ultra fast anabolic/anti-catablolic cycle in your body to ensure rapid muscle growth and post-workout regeneration.


    Great for Post-Workout

    Biotech BCAA Nano 3D also helps to prevent post-workout muscular cannibalization (catabolic effect or catabolism) and it also directly stimulates stressed muscle tissue to further promote skeletal muscle protein synthesis.

    Directions for BCAA Nano 3D

    As a dietary supplement, take three BCAA Nano 3D capsules daily, or as recommended by a qualified nutrition expert or physician. For optimum results, take one capsule 15 minutes before training and two more capsules immediately after training.

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