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Murderous, skin-bursting pump that will make your rock-hard muscles look even more massive and impressive

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Become an invincible gladiator in the arena of cold steel and heavy iron, also known as gym. With Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl, you'll emerge victorious from the most brutal and tough battles.

You will build unprecedented levels of brutal, sheer superhuman strength and mountains of rock-hard, alabaster-shaped muscle that will leave any opponent in awe.

Product Highlights:

  • Murderous, skin-bursting pump that will make your rock-hard muscles look even more massive and impressive
  • Will support and accelerate your gains of mass and strength by using multiple biological pathways to help you to reach the invincible body of a true gladiator even faster
  • Maximum supply of much-needed nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones to your hard working, hungry muscles for superhuman performance in arena and gym
  • Will dramatically increase your natural production of muscle building hormones for unmatched gains of superhuman strength and monstrous, rock-hard muscle mass
  • Will delay your fatigue by an accelerated removal of toxic metabolic waste products from your hard-working muscles to give you the stamina that will decide over glorious victory or shameful defeat
  • Accelerated recovery between your sets and after your hard battles against the merciless cold steel of the weights to make you ready for the next murderous fight as fast as possible
  • Contains the most scientifically studied and most widely used nitric oxide booster in a high dosage that will guarantee unparalleled results

Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant ... etiam ... (Ave Caesar, the doomed ones greet you ... for now ...)

It's a hot day in the Roman Empire in 73 BC. The sun stands high and burns down relentlessly on the reddish shimmering sand of the arena, soaked with blood. During this day, dozens of the most courageous and fearless gladiators have already lost their lives in merciless and brutal fights.

The Roman mob cheers the gladiators walking into the arena for the final and bloodiest fight of the day. I am one of them - probably the most famous. My name is Spartakus and I come from the faraway Thrace in proud Greece - the country that has produced some of the most brilliant thinkers and proudest fighters of all time. I was not always a gladiator, but once fought as a proud warrior by the side of Rome before being captured and sold as a slave to Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus, the owner of the gladiator school in Capua.

My successes and triumphs as an invincible fighter in the arena are legendary, but deep in my heart I hate this kind of fights that forces proud and honourable fighters to slaughter each other for the amusement of the fat and decadent elite of the Roman Empire. One should not use life for acting, but only for freedom.

Ave Caesar, the doomed ones greet you – for now. Because the day of the uprising is near. Tonight I will show the Roman Empire together with seventy of the strongest and most fearless gladiators what a handful of brave and resolute, fearless combatants are capable of. You have forced us to kill each other for your amusement - and now we will slaughter you mercy-wailing miserable caricatures of formerly proud Roman men of honour.

You brave gladiators from all corners of the Roman Empire - follow me to the last glorious battle. Let us cut off the head of the decadent Roman Empire. The enemy may outnumber us hundreds of times, but we are gladiators - the hardest fighters Rome has ever produced. Fighting is our daily bread and we have nothing to lose - so fear us, you Roman legionaries, who have become soft and weak by wine, bread and games. The people of Rome will be with us.

Become an invincible Gladiator by using Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl for your Fight against over-powerful Enemies and the cold Steel of the Gym

Our goal when developing Spartakus Arena Arginine HCl was to create a product that will give you all you need to become a victorious fighter against the cold steel of the weights. An invincible and glorious fighter that is proud and strong enough to not only fight the strongest and most fearsome opponents in the arena, but even a whole ancient empire.

Such a product has to do more than simply provide you with some energy and support your muscle growth. It must help you to build sheer superhuman strength and rock-solid muscle mass, and to improve your performance in every way that could make you more successful during your merciless fights against the cold steel of the weights.

All of this begins with Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl delaying your muscle fatigue during each of your brutal sets as much as possible to enable you to execute those crucial final reps that will make the difference between moderate and excellent gains of brutal strength and rock hard muscle mass. At the same time, Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl will accelerate and optimize your recovery during and after all your hard fights, to increase your performance and to get you ready for the next tough challenge faster.

All of this will help you provide a stronger stimulus for building superhuman strength and awesome muscle mass more often. But this is just one side of the coin. In addition to this maximum stimulus for building strength and muscle mass, Spartakus Arena Arginine HCl will also stimulate your protein synthesis and produce powerful direct and indirect anabolic effects for maximum gains of mass and strength.

More muscle mass will not only mean more power and better combat performance - the mere sight of your huge, rock-hard muscles will leave any opponent in awe. And this is exactly where Spartakus Arena Arginine HCl can score with another priceless feature. Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl is one of the most effective nitric oxide boosters that will provide you with a murderous, literally skin-bursting pump during your fight against the cold steel of the weights and fearsome opponents in the arena. This brutal pump that will surpass everything you've experienced so far, will make your hard and impressive muscles look even bigger and more terrifying, to give you a look that will make any opponent’s knees tremble in fear.

Become the worst nightmare of all your opponents with Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl. With Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl, you will become an avenging angel that can destroy an empire and that will make the legions of the Roman Empire look like little chubby baroque angels.

How does Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl unfold its unique Effects?

Arginine hcl, the active ingredient in Spartacus Arena, is the most scientifically studied nitric oxide and pump booster, and its effects have been proven by countless scientific studies. No other ingredient is used so often by hard-fighting gladiators to maximize their nitric oxide production and pump during fight and exercise. But what makes a nitric oxide booster so interesting for real fighters?

To understand this better, we need to take a quick look at nitric oxide and its role inside your body. Don’t worry, we'll make it short and won’t bore you with unimportant scientific details. Nitric oxide is a gaseous compound that is produced in the cells of the walls of your blood vessels, giving the smooth muscles of your veins the signal to relax. This results in a widening of your veins, which means that more blood can be transported to your muscles faster. The whole thing works much like a water hose. With a large diameter fire hose you will be able to pump much more water within the same time than with a small, narrow garden hose. The same is true for the supply of blood to your muscles: dilated veins with a larger diameter will allow much more blood to be transported much faster to your hungry, hard-working muscles.

Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl can make the Difference between glorious Victory and shameful Defeat during your merciless fight in the arena!

Those who are not really familiar with the science - and who will probably never get beyond mediocrity because of their ignorance – may consider a nitric oxide booster as being a product that does not do more than to give you a nice pump during exercise, which is at best a great feeling. Regardless of whether or not you are one of those who, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, see the pump as the coolest feeling in existence, or if you only consider a murderous pump as being annoying, you should not overlook what a pump really is on a physical level and what kind of impressive impact this mechanism can have on your performance during merciless fights against the toughest enemies and the heaviest weights and your gains of sheer superhuman strength and impressive, rock hard muscle mass. Whether you like the pump as a feeling or not there is no doubt, however, that an increased nitric oxide production, which among other things results in a murderous pump, can make the crucial difference between mediocrity and absolute superiority.

But let's start at the very beginning ... As mentioned earlier a maximized nitric oxide production caused by Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl will cause a dilation of your blood vessels, maximizing the blood flow to your hard-working muscles. This increased blood supply and the associated extreme blood flow to your muscles is responsible for the felling known as pump during exercise - more blood is being delivered to your muscles than can flow away from them, causing a kind of blood stasis in your muscles that will make them look fuller and bigger.

This increased blood supply for your hard-working muscles will deliver some very crucial benefits. An increased blood supply equates to an increased supply of much-needed oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones for your hungry muscles, while at the same time toxic metabolic waste products that are produced in large amounts during your workout and that will accelerate the onset of muscle fatigue, will be removed faster and more completely from your muscles. These processes can significantly increase power and endurance of your muscles during hard fights or intensive workouts, and allow you to execute those last reps that will make the difference between modest and excellent gains of brutal strength and rock-hard muscle mass.

In addition, an increased blood supply will speed up and optimize the recovery of your muscles between your sets and between your hard and merciless battles against the cold steel in the arena. As a result, you will be able to do more reps with heavier weights during your next set and to generate a stronger stimulus to build strength and muscle mass. A faster recovery between your hard battles in the arena will allow you to fight more often and to generate a stimulus to build strength and muscle mass more often. All of this will inevitably lead to almost superhuman increases in muscle mass and strength, overshadowing everything you've known so far.

But it gets even better. According to scientific studies an expansion of your muscle tissue, that is the result of a skin-bursting pump, can have a direct anabolic effect, accompanied by an increase in protein synthesis and an increase in muscle mass. In other words, today's pump will show you how much bigger your muscles will be in the near future - can there be a better motivation to give everything during your workouts?

Another interesting factor that can accelerate your muscle growth is a stretch of the fascia produced by your killer pump. The fascia is a tightly woven network of hard, fibrous tissue that wraps tightly around your muscles and that is responsible for the structural integrity of your muscles. But this fascia will also limit the space available for your muscles to grow. Scientific research has shown that repeated stretching of the fascia can give your muscles more space to grow (2).

Use Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl to maximize your Body's natural production of muscle building hormones

Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl will do something other nitric oxide boosters are not capable of - it can significantly increase your body's own natural secretion of certain muscle building hormones if you take it on an empty stomach. This particular muscle building hormones are among the most anabolic hormones of your body and have the potential to transform a mediocre fighter who would not survive long in the arena into a world-class gladiator capable of defeating not only the strongest opponents but even the whole Roman Empire. How extreme the effects of these particular muscle buildimng hormones can be should become clear when you compare the muscle mass of the bodybuilders of the golden era of bodybuilding during the seventies and early eighties with the muscle mass of bodybuilders from the nineties and after, when synthetic versions of these hormones became widely available on the black market.

To take maximum advantage of maximizing your body's natural secretion of tedse muscle building hormones, you can take one serving of Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl on an empty stomach half an hour before bedtime, in addition to using it before murderous battles in the arena (1). This can multiply the peak of your natural secretion of muscle building hormones that occurs about 90 minutes after you fall asleep and will give your body the anabolic boost it needs for maximum gains of unlimited strength and rock-hard, lean muscle mass.

Which mechanisms does Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl use to maximize your Nitric Oxide Production and thus your Pump?

Nitric oxide is produced inside your body by using the so-called l-arginine - nitric oxide Synthase - nitric oxide (or L-Arg-NOS-NO) pathway that converts arginine into nitric oxide with the help of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase. This pathway represents the primary pathway your body uses to produce the nitric oxide needed for widening your veins and maximizing the supply of blood for your hard-working muscles.

The arginine contained in Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl will maximize your nitric oxide production using this pathway in two ways. On the one hand, orally supplied arginine will stimulate the production of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (short eNOS), which is required for this process, helping your body to produce more nitric oxide. In addition to this, sufficient amounts of the substrate your body uses to produce nitric oxide are also needed to maximize your nitric oxide production. This substrate is arginine and supplementing with Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl can therefore help to make sure that your body will produce maximum amounts of nitric oxide and that you can benefit maximally from all of the aforementioned benefits.

Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl will give you everything you need to be a glorious, victorious gladiator during all your battles against the most powerful opponents and the heaviest weights in the arena of cold steel. When the going gets tough, Spartacus Arena Arginine HCl can make the difference between glorious triumph and disgraceful defeat.


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Gladiator, pour 3g (1 scoop) powder into your mouth and swallow it with at least 200ml of water, bene tibi!


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