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Ultra Pure Arginin-Ketoglutarat - B.A.M.

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Experience an insane, skin-bursting pump and maximize your performance and recovery by flooding your muscles with maximum amounts of oxygen, essential nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones.

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Experience an insane, skin-bursting pump and maximize your performance and recovery by flooding your muscles with maximum amounts of oxygen, essential nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones.

Product Highlights:

  • Superior bioavailability and absorption compared to regular arginine HCl
  • Feel an insane, literally skin-bursting pump during your workouts that will surpass anything you've experienced befor
  • Maximize your performance by delivering maximum amounts of oxygen, essential nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones to your hungry working muscles
  • Can dramatically delay the onset of muscle fatigue by speeding up the removal of toxic metabolic waste products that will inevitably build up during exercise from your hard working muscles
  • Accelerate and optimize your recovery during and after brutal workouts to get ready for your next intensive set and your next murderous workout faster
  • Maximize your natural growth hormone production for maximum gains of lean muscle mass
  • Increase your protein synthesis and benefit from numerous other biological muscle building pathways for unprecedented gains of strength and muscle mass
  • Contains the most widely used nitric oxide booster with the most extensive scientifically studied effects in its most effective form
  • Benefit from additional health benefits of arginine

What is arginine and how does it unfold its effect?

Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is known as a so-called pump booster or nitric oxide booster in bodybuilding circles. Many bodybuilders use arginine because it can maximize their muscle pump during exercise.

This pump can be an incredible workout motivation. It will give you the feeling that you have achieved something during your workout and it can inspire you to really give everything. If you try to reach a maximum pump, this will force you to do more repetitions than you might have performed otherwise. But this effective psychological effect is really just a nice side effect. Many bodybuilders are unaware of the fact that this pump is much more than just an incomparably great feeling that can motivate you to train harder than ever before. A maximum muscle pump will have a lot of tangible physiological benefits that will not only maximise your performance during hard and brutal workouts but will also increase your gains and speed up and optimize your recovery.

What makes B.A.M. AAKG so superior compared to regular arginine?

While arginine is by far the most widely used and scientifically best studied nitric oxide booster, countless bodybuilders and athletes use with great success, the traditionally used arginine hcl has a crucial weakness - the hcl form of arginine shows only a moderate bioavailability which seems to differ from user to user. This is probably the main reason for the mixed results you see in the real world. This weakness has led to the development of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) where arginine is bound to the nitrogen intermediate alpha-ketoglutarate instead of an hcl group. AAKG shows a significantly better bioavailability compared to arginine hcl and it will be absorbed by your body much better and in larger quantities than arginine hcl, which results in a significantly stronger effect. This also reduces the amount of arginine needed, which is beneficial for anyone with a sensitive stomach who may not tolerate large amounts of arginine hcl well.


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Stir 5g of powder daily into at least 100-200ml of liquid and consume.

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