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A healthy, comprehensive and natural meal replacement for a quick reduction in body fat without concomitant muscle loss that will help you to finally get the slender body you've always dreamed of.

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    A healthy, comprehensive and natural meal replacement for a quick reduction in body fat without concomitant muscle loss that will help you to finally get the slender body you've always dreamed of.

    Product Highlights:

    • Supports a quick reduction of body fat
    • Supports weight management after a fat loss diet
    • Only natural healthy ingredients
    • Long-lasting satiety
    • High protein content to protect your muscles during your fat loss diet and to stimulate your metabolism
    • 25 grams of protein per serving
    • Low Carb
    • Only 210 kcal per serving
    • Contains Glucomannan, a natural bulking agent, for better satiety and better glycemic control
    • Sweetened with healthy honey and free of added sugar
    • Contains yoghurt powder with healthy probiotics
    • Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to prevent diet-related deficiency symptoms
    • Excellent for athletes and non-athletes alike
    • Suitable for diabetics

    With Slim & Full, a fast and sustained fat loss becomes easier than ever before

    You probably all know the scenario: you do literally torture yourself to lose fat and look better, but even if those efforts are successful, it will not be long before you regain any lost body fat or gain even more than you had before starting your diet. What is even worse is the fact that you lose significant amounts of muscle mass besides fat during most diets, and that your typical post-diet weight gain will consist primarily of body fat and only very little muscle tissue. Over time, you will get fatter and chubbier after every fat loss diet - even if your maximum weight between your fat loss diets does not change.

    Experience has shown that the faster and the more weight you lose, the more powerful this yoyo effect is. But sometimes you have to lose weight fast if you need to get in shape for a vacation, an important event like as a reunion or a wedding, or for some other reason. It almost seems as if a fast and sustained fat loss is doomed to failure right from the start.

    But do not give up. We at GN Laboratories have recognized this problem and found a solution: Slim & Full. With Slim & Full you will be able to lose fat without having to torment yourself and you will also be able to keep your new weight without any problems. And the best thing about Slim & Full is that this product is not an innovative fat burner that can negatively impact your health. Slim & Full is a meal replacement made only from natural and healthy ingredients that contains protein, honey, yoghurt powder and a matrix of vital essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, providing your body with everything it needs to stay healthy and function optimally.

    Due to a high protein content and the added natural bulking agent glucomannan a slim & full shake will be satiating for hours, while providing just as many calories as two normal sized apples. This means that you can save an enormous amount of calories every day and burn large amounts of body fat by replacing two of your main meals with a delicious and satisfying Slim & Full shake. The high protein content of 25 grams per serving prevents an often-observed and dreaded degradation of muscle protein during a fat loss diet, which would reduce your metabolic rate and your calorie expenditure, slow down your fat loss progress and promote post-diet weight gains. But that's not all. Because Slim & Full only marginally increases your blood sugar levels and therefore the insulin release after ingestion will be minimal and any cravings because of blood sugar fluctuations will be prevented, while the use of body fat for fuel will not stall as it does after a normal meal due to increased insulin levels.

    Let's summarize the benefits of Slim & Full: you will lose body fat fast, because you can greatly reduce your calorie intake without being hungry, you will not lose any muscle mass and thus prevent a slow down of your metabolic rate, the usage of body fat for fuel will be promoted and you do not have to worry about any nutrient deficiencies. In our opinion, this sounds like an ideal recipe for losing excess body fat and developing a healthy, lean and toned body. What more could you want during a diet? And we saved the best for the end. Replacing one of your main meals with a Slim & Fast shake after the end of your fat loss diet for several days a week or as needed will make it easy for you to defy the otherwise unavoidable yo-yo effect and permanently maintain your new dream weight! Reach what most people can only dream of with Slim & Full: get slim easily and keep your dream weight in the long run.

    Why is Slim & Full superior to other meal replacement products and pure protein shakes during a fat loss diet?

    Meal replacement products and protein shakes are often used as substitutes for meals during a fat loss diet. However, these products have some significant drawbacks compared to Slim & Full when they are used as meal replacements during a fat loss diet. Most meal replacement products contain a comparatively high proportion of carbohydrates, which usually consist of fast-digestible carbohydrates such as simple sugars or fast-digestible complex carbohydrates like waxy maize starch or Vitargo. These carbohydrates cause a sharp rise of your blood sugar levels and your body will react with a strong insulin secretion. This promotes strong fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can cause cravings and the resulting high insulin levels will counteract the usage of body fat for fuel.

    Protein shakes usually contain only very small amounts of carbohydrates. So far so good. Unfortunately, most people do not get along well with a low carbohydrate diet and will complain about a lack of energy and a reduced ability to concentrate, when they replace several meals a day with protein shakes.

    Probably the biggest drawback of conventional meal replacement products and protein shakes during a fat loss diet is that these products are not intended to replace several meals a day and therefore do not contain sufficient amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This may result in deficiency symptoms that may affect health, immune function and general well-being in the long run. As you will see in the following section, Slim & Full is not subject to these limitations and therefore much better suited to support a healthy weight and fat loss.

    Slim & Full consists of healthy, natural ingredients that will support your fat loss diet and prevent deficiencies

    When developing Slim & Full, we've put an emphasis on using only healthy and natural ingredients that will support health, well-being and immune function. In addition, we have enriched our product with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to prevent deficiency symptoms. This will ensure that every Slim & Full shake provides you with everything you would get from a healthy and wholesome meal. Here is a brief overview of the key ingredients of Slim & Full:

    Soy protein

    Protein is by far the most important macro nutrient during a diet. A sufficient protein intake will prevent a loss of muscle tissue that is commonly seen during a reduced calorie diet and that will results in a reduction of your metabolic rate, reduced physical performance and a less toned appearance of your body. In addition, protein will satiate much better and longer than carbohydrates and fat, making it easier for you to maintain your strict diet. But that's not all. Protein also stimulates your metabolism, so you will burn more calories and lose body fat faster. For digesting and using protein, your body needs about 25 to 30% of the calories that this protein provides. For carbohydrates, this value is just 3 to 5%.

    When choosing the source of protein, we decided to use high-quality soy protein that has the highest biological value of all vegetable protein sources. This not only makes Slim & Full suitable for vegetarians, but also allows you to benefit from the other ingredients of soy protein, including healthy isoflavones. In addition, there is evidence that soy protein could counteract a reduction of your metabolic rate during a fat loss diet and thus promote your fat loss progress.


    Honey serves as a natural sweetener for a pleasantly natural sweet taste, and as a healthy carbohydrate source. In addition, honey contains high concentrations of health promoting enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a variety of other healthy ingredients. Scientific studies suggest that honey's ingredients can act as antioxidants, improve your immune function, fight pathogens, and even lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels.

    Yoghurt powder

    Yogurt contains high quality animal protein and a variety of healthy probiotic bacteria. In addition to many other health benefits probiotic bacteria promote a healthy function of your digestive tract and can support your immune function.


    Hunger is the worst enemy of any diet, and the main reason for breaking a diet. Glucomannan, a fibre contained in the konjac root, can help you to defeat this enemy. Glucomannan has the highest water binding ability of all known natural products and can bind 50 times its weight of water. Combined with water, glucomannan will build a thick gel that will fill your stomach and slow down the passage of food through your stomach. This will result in a much stronger and longer lasting satiety after a meal. In addition, glucomannan can slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, resulting in a weaker rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, counteracting cravings due to fluctuations of your blood sugar levels.

    Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

    Unlike ordinary meal replacement products, Slim & Full has been enriched with a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This will ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs and will effectively prevents deficiency symptoms that can often be observed during low-calorie diets. In addition, the B vitamins contained in Slim & Full are needed for a healthy protein, glycogen and fat metabolism, which in turn means that these processes and thus your fat loss progress will be compromised if you lack one of these essential vitamins.

    Scientifically supported effect

    Over the years, a number of scientific studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of diet products with similar compositions as Slim & Full. These studies have consistently shown that such products work better than most other popular diet programs. The most important of these investigations showed that a diet with products like Slim & Full not only caused a significantly stronger weight and fat loss than diets like the Weight Wactchers diet, the Atkins diet or the Zone diet, but also protected the existing muscle mass much better against a diet related degradation than most other diets. In other words, you will not only lose weight faster, but you will also maintain your existing muscle mass that is vital for maintaining a high metabolic rate and a firmer, more athletic look.

    In addition, further studies have shown that after only a few weeks of dieting with products such as Full & Slim, important biomarkers such as insulin, leptin and ghrelin levels showed significant positive changes that can positively influence your fat loss progress. Lower insulin levels are equivalent to reduced body fat storage and less cravings due to fluctuations of your blood sugar levels. Lower ghrelin levels mean less hunger because ghrelin is one of the body's primary hunger hormones. Interestingly, a study conducted with type 2 diabetes patients showed that even in diabetics, both fasting blood glucose levels and average long-term blood glucose levels were significantly reduced after a prolonged diet with products such as Full & Slim and that this will have positive health effects. However, the effects on ghrelin and blood sugar levels are not just long-term effects, but are also observable after a single meal. A study showed that after replacing a "classic" high glycemic breakfast with a product like Full & Slim, insulin and ghrelin levels were significantly lower for several hours, while more fat was burned and fewer cravings due to fluctuations of blood sugar levels were observed.

    In which situations can Slim & Full be used and how can you use Slim & Full for reaching your goals?

    Weight and fat loss

    The primary application for Slim & Full is of course a quick loss of excess body fat for a lean and well shaped body. If you want to lose fat fast, simply replace two of your main meals with a delicious Slim & Full shake. Your remaining main meal should include a healthy source of protein and plenty of salad and vegetables to further support your fat loss efforts. If you want to achieve a maximum fat loss at the beginning of your diet, or before a major event such as a reunion or your vacation, you can substitute all meals by Slim & Full shake for a week. Since Slim & Full provides your body with everything it needs, such an extreme week of dieting is safe and will allow you to reach an amazing fat loss that you never thought to be possible before.

    Keeping your weight after a fat loss diet

    Unfortunately, we all know this scenario all too well: after a successful fat loss diet, you quickly fall back into your old patterns of behaviour and it does not take long till you weigh as much - or even more - as before your diet. But with the help of Slim & Fast, this dreaded yo-yo effect can be prevented! After your diet, simply replace one of your main meals several times a week or as needed by a delicious and satiating Slim & Fast shake and you will be able to keep your new dream weight without any problems.

    Compensation for high-calorie meals

    In daily life, it is nearly impossible to always pay attention to the calories you consume. There are always special events such as family celebrations, holidays or invitations that are accompanied by a high intake of food and calories. With Slim & Full you can enjoy these events without guilt. On the following day(s), simply replace 2 of your main meals with a delicious Slim & Full shake to make up for any excessive calorie intake. Enjoying life to the fullest can be so easy!

    Support of fasting

    Many people do so-called liquid fasting or fasting from time to time to promote their health and cleanse their body. During such a fast usually only broth, tea and a lot of water are drunk. Although such fasting diets can lead to a significant weight loss, much of the weight lost consists of muscle protein, which is contrary to the goal of promoting health and well being. Slim & Full can help you in this scenario. Drink 3 Slim & Full Shakes daily during your fasting diet, which will provide your body with sufficient amounts of high quality protein to prevent any muscle losses.

    The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

    We use only the purest ingredients of the highest quality the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you a consistent high quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested for purity and quality of all of its ingredients.

    Recommended daily intake: 55 g powder with 250 ml liquid

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