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In Ashwagandha is a plant which can be found in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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In Ashwagandha is a plant which can be found in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan


The name comes from the Indian and means something like " smell of the horse ". In Germany, this plant is also known as sleep Berry, Winter Kirscher or as Indian ginseng. If you look back in history, you realize that Ashwagandha in ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years is known.

As with most plants, the best and concentrated the highest ingredients are not stuck in the leaves, but in the root. Here, in addition to fatty acids , amino acids , choline , also Alkaolide and especially Withanolides to be found.

And since we are already at the main active ingredient of this medicinal herb . The Withanolides are responsible for the estimated over the world and beloved effect. Their proportion in the extract should be high. But beware! Not all information is correct . Why? Many manufacturers give a value beyond the 8-9% mark , but what is not quite right. This value can be achieved only if a gravimetric analysis is performed. In order to keep it simple: here the amount of substance is carried out by measuring the weight. The problem here is that not only Withanolides, but other, similar substances measuredwill. There may be an overestimation of the concentration which exceeds the factor of 2 to the third

In our extract is Withanolide share by the HPLC method at the molecular level is measured and is one of the genauesten measurement methods! Can also avoid the manufacturing process on alcohol and other chemical additives!


How does Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is considered to be so-called adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that trigger or support an adaptive response in the body. This can strengthen the resilience. Generally one can say that adaptogens have a balancing effect on the body, both mentally and physically. Important to mention: adaptogens are free of side effects in the rules and not toxic to humans.


The following advantages MAY provide the intake of Ashwagandha

  • has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels
  • affects thyroid problems both stimulating (underactive) and inhibitory (overactive
  • it has a positive effect on the libido and potency in me
  • it has a positive effect on symptoms during menopause in women from neuroprotective it works - and the concentration ability improv
  • Ashwagandha is considered "fake Antioxidants", so it does not neutralize free radicals directly, but can support the cells there
  • it reduces inflammation and increases the activity of natural killer (NK) cells
  • it can inhibit excessive production of cortisol, the stress hormone #
  • it stimulates the GABA receptors and can thus contribute to peace of mind and better sleep, without making direct tired


Why have we decided to KSM-66?

In the licensed full spectrum extract KSM-66 is an Ashwagandha extract, which to 5% withanolides was standardized. To produce only the Ashwagandha root and not the leaves is used. Moreover, it is KSM-66 of the extract, for which there is most verified studies.

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Take 1-2 capsules daily with a glass of water, preferably with a meal

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