Liquid BCAA - Biotech USA

Liquid BCAA - Biotech USA


Biotech USA Liquid BCAA - Complex energy source for the muscles!

: Biotech USA


: 1000ml

: Amino Drink

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    Biotech USA Liquid BCAA - Complex energy source for the muscles!

    To enhance the sport performance the BCAA have a very important role. It provides energy for the muscle contraction. Also it contains moderate amount of carbohydrate which also provides energy for the training, The liquid formula provides ultra fast absorption and utilization for the body.


    It is the ultra fast absorbing energy source for immediate energy to enhance muscle performance for professional users and to all who wants to achieve professional results. It is great as pre work out energizer and also helps for the quick recovery of the muscles after the training.

    Directions for Liquid BCAA

    Mix 30 ml of BioTech Liquid BCAA with water or fruit juice. Consume one serving in the morning, one before and one after your training.

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