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Theanine is an L-amino acid compound found in the leaves of green and black tea.

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L-theanine, which is contained in the HEALTH + theanine capsules at a dosage of 500 mg per capsule, supports cognitive performance, has a positive effect on mood and contributes to inner peace and relaxation


Theanine is an L-amino acid compound found in the leaves of green and black tea. It is one of the non-proteinogenic amino acids and is therefore not involved in building muscle and body tissues (protein synthesis). Nevertheless, L-theanine has numerous advantages for the human organism, which is why a nutritional supplement is available in various situations.


The benefits of L-theanine include:

  • it relaxes without getting tired, sluggish & sleepy
  • it reduces stress & contributes to relaxation
  • it promotes focus & concentration on upcoming tasks
  • it increases mental well-being
  • it improves sleep quality
  • it reduces side effects of caffeine like increased blood pressure, restlessness or general malaise
  • it can support the diet


Who are theanine capsules suitable for?

If you want to positively influence concentration, thinking ability, motivation and mood, you can benefit from the nootropic properties of L-theanine. So-called nootropics are substances that support human cognitive abilities and, for example, promote concentration. In strenuous learning or work-related concentration phases, taking theanine capsules as a dietary supplement is a valuable support because it stimulates the alpha waves in the brain. If these waves are particularly stimulated, concentrated learning and working is easier - and that with an increased feeling of relaxation at the same time .

L-theanine also has a relaxing, calming effect. Increased stress is not perceived as such; inner peace and serenity spread. The advantage of a dietary supplement with theanine capsules: the active ingredient relaxes without making you tired ! Therefore, they are not only suitable for taking in the evening or shortly before going to bed, but also at other times of the day.


How are the theanine capsules taken?

Taken in the morning with the first cup of coffee, the HEALTH + theanine capsules ensure a relaxed but focused start to the day. If needed for targeted calming before stressful situations or in longer periods of stress, it of course also takes its effect individually. To increase sleep quality, L-theanine should ideally be taken about 30 minutes before going to bed . One capsule a day is enough to take advantage of the benefits of the amino acid.

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Take 1 capsule with sufficient liquid in the evening or to promote concentration.

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