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The essential amino acid lysine that promotes your immune function, can be used to treat and prevent herpes and can help to avoid a lysine deficiency in combination with synergistic, vitally important vitamins and trace elements, as well as healthy bitter orange extract.

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The essential amino acid lysine that promotes your immune function, can be used to treat and prevent herpes and can help to avoid a lysine deficiency in combination with synergistic, vitally important vitamins and trace elements, as well as healthy bitter orange extract.

Product Highlights:

  • Can prevent a lysine deficiency and the associated side effects
  • Can support the treatment of herpes and prevent herpes outbreaks
  • Promotes the immune function
  • Supports healthy bones and joints
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Is a key precursor of l-carnitine, that is needed for fat metabolism and breakdown of body fat
  • Contains vitamins, trace elements and plant compounds that synergistically interact with lysine

What is lysine and what are the consequences of a lysine deficiency?

L-lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid that your body can not produce by itself and which therefore needs to be consumed in form of food or supplements. The lysine requirement of healthy adults is estimated to be about 64 mg lysin per kilogram of body weight per day but may also be higher in certain situations. Lysine is involved in large number of important processes in your body and also serves as a protein building block needed for the construction of all proteins of the human body. A lysine deficiency is relatively widespread and especially vegetarians and vegans are at risk because plant protein often contains only very small amounts of lysine. In addition, the demand for lysine increases with age - and particularly in men.

A lack of lysine can manifest itself in a number of complaints and health problems. Symptoms include dizziness, concentration problems, nausea, fatigue, lack of energy, red eyes, reduced function of the immune system, delayed wound healing, and growth disorders.

What does the body need lysine for and what are the benefits of a lysine supplementation?

Lysine is used as a building block for a large number of body proteins and is important for growth and cell division. It is also involved in the formation of collagen and the maintenance healthy bones and promotes the storage of calcium in your bones. This means that a lysine deficiency can affect joints and bone health. Due to its important role in the formation of collagen, lysine can contribute to your cardiovascular health, since collagen is a crucial component of the walls of your blood vessels. It promotes regeneration and healing of your blood vessels and prevents a deposition of dangerous plaques in your veins. In addition, lysine, can be used together with pantothenic acid to reduce stress-induced high-blood pressure and thus relieve your cardiovascular system. Since lysine stimulates gastric juice production and is an important component of many enzymes, including enzymes produced by the pancreas, your body also needs this amino acid for a proper function of the digestive system and for the carnitine synthesis of your body. Carnitine is essential for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria of your cells and is therefore an essential part of the fat metabolism. Without sufficient amounts of carnitine the body's energy production and the degradation of body fat are impaired.

Lysine also plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, as it is necessary for the production of antibodies. It was shown that a lysine deficit can increase the risk of infections. In many people a lysine supplementation can notably improve the immune function, which is especially true in case of a lysine deficiency. Lysine can be used for treating herpes or preventing herpes outbreaks. 3 to 6 grams of lysine per day seem to be particularly effective for this purpose. The effectivity of lysine for treating herpes has to do with the fact, that this amino acid can prevent the proliferation of herpes viruses. In addition, lysine acts as an antagonist of the amino acid arginine, which promotes the growth of herpes viruses.

What other synergistic ingredients does Lysin Plus contain?

In addition to lysine, Lysine Plus contains other ingredients that synergistically interact with lysine and support its beneficial effects. This includes, among other things, a vitamin blend that contains all B vitamins that are important for the protein and energy metabolism. This mixture also contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and supports your immune function, as well as vitamin D, which is essential for the maintenance of healthy bones and joints. Besides these vitamins, Lysin Plus contains 100% of the daily requirement of the essential trace elements zinc and selenium, which are important for the proper function of your metabolism and the energy production of your body. In addition, zinc and selenium support the immune system by neutralizing free radicals and selenium also binds toxic heavy metals and thereby renders them harmless, while zinc is an important component of many enzymes responsible for the detoxification of your body. In addition, zinc has an antiviral effect, which supports your immune system and stimulates its function.

The bitter lemon extract contained in Lysin Plus offers a variety of health benefits including, but not limited to, antiperspirant, mucolytic, digestion promoting, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive properties. It can therefore synergistically support and enhance the beneficial effects of lysine.

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Recommended daily intake: take 2 capsule without chewing and with sufficient liquid

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