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Pure German L-Leucine - GN Laboratories

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Maximum stimulation and enhancement of muscle protein synthesis, for extreme mass and strength gains

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Pure German L-Leucine - GN Laboratories

Maximum stimulation and enhancement of muscle protein synthesis, for extreme mass and strength gains

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum stimulation of muscle protein synthesis at any time of the day by activation of the mTOR pathway
  • Maximum mass and strength gains
  • Leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis 10 times more than any other amino acid
  • Maximum increases of anabolic leucine levels
  • 5 g of leucine increase muscle protein synthesis as much as 50 grams of whey protein
  • Faster increases of leucine plasma concentrations and faster activation of muscle protein synthesis than by whey protein
  • Profit from an increased muscle protein synthesis as soon as 15 minutes after ingestion
  • Leucine can significantly increase protein quality of any protein powder
  • Ideal for older athletes whose natural protein synthesis is harder to be activated
  • Suitable for vegans

GN Leucine - the anabolic activator

What would you say if we were to tell you that there is a kind of switch you can turn to activate your muscle growth nearly as easy as switching on the lights? The good news is that this switch actually exists! Provided that you exercise regularly and thus provide a basic stimulus for muscle growth, GN Leucine can act as this switch – and not only right after your workout, but any time of the day!!

In fact, numerous scientific studies have shown that leucine has the strongest positive effect on your muscle protein synthesis. Leucine has the strongest effect of all amino acids and stimulates your protein synthesis 10 times more than any other amino acid! 5 grams of leucine result in a maximum increase in protein synthesis and this effect starts 15 minutes after taking a leucine supplement such as GN Leucine. Many scientists are convinced that the branched-chain amino acid leucine is primarily responsible for the anabolic, muscle-building and anti-catabolic properties of BCAAs. This effect is based on the fact that leucine activates the mTOR pathway, which acts as a regulating key pathway for the synthesis of muscle protein and is therefore also responsible for your muscle gains. More about the mTOR pathway will follow later. To understand how effective GN leucine is, it is sufficient to know that an activation of the mTOR pathway results in a dramatic increase of your muscle protein synthesis and maximum gains of muscle mass.

How does GN Leucine activate and increase your muscle protein synthesis via activation of the mTOR pathway?

mTOR (an abbreviation of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin) is a kind of nutrient sensor that monitors the availability of amino acids and is responsible for the regulation your body’s protein synthesis. Rising amino acid levels in your blood signal mTOR that there are sufficient amounts of amino acids, resulting in an activation of (muscle) protein synthesis. If, on the other hand, mTOR senses low amino acid levels in the blood, this is a signal for your body that there are not enough amino acids available for continuation of the process of protein synthesis, resulting in a reduction of protein synthesis rates. The interesting thing about leucine is that mTOR reacts particularly sensitively to this key amino acid and that sufficient leucine concentrations are sufficient for a maximum activation of the mTOR pathway. In other words this means that GN Leucine will provide your body with a huge amount of amino acids that will maximally increases your muscle protein synthesis.

Supplementing with GN Leucine can significantly increase your gains - even if you already eat enough protein!

You may be wondering what you need additional leucine for, when you are already drinking a whey protein shake right after your workout, as this is known to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis. However, there are several good reasons for combining whey protein with leucine after your workout in order to achieve an even greater increase of your muscle protein synthesis. 5 grams of GN leucine will provide your body with as much leucine as about 50 grams of whey protein. If you consume only one measuring spoon of whey protein after your workout, you will not profit of a maximum increase of your muscle protein synthesis to optimize your post workout recovery and to maximize your gains. But additional Leucine is even better than just more whey protein, as it will result in a stronger and faster increase of your muscle protein synthesis. This is due to the fact that even if you use fast-digestible protein like whey protein, it takes much more time until this protein is digested and your blood leucine levels will begin to rise. In addition the leucine levels in your blood will not rise as much as after consuming free leucine due to the slower release of leucine. Free leucine results in a significantly faster and stronger increase of your leucine plasma levels than whey protein or any other complete protein. This is of crucial importance for two reasons. First of all, the exercise-induced catabolic environment in your body is converted into an anabolic, muscle-building environment faster, which accelerates your post workout recovery and increases your gains. Secondly, the increase of your muscle protein synthesis is directly proportional to the increase of your leucine plasma concentrations, which in other words means that the higher the maximum leucine plasmas levels are, the more your muscle protein synthesis will increase.

This does not mean that you do not need protein after your workout if you use GN Leucine. In addition to a maximum excitation of your muscle protein synthesis, a sufficient supply of protein and amino acids is also necessary, since the latter represent the building blocks for muscle protein. In addition, it was shown that an addition of 3 to 5 grams of leucine to a whey carbohydrate shake after workout will significantly increase the insulin release compared to the same shake without leucine. After your workout insulin will have a strong anticatabolic effect and thus it is not surprising that the mentioned whey carbohydrate-leucine shake reduces protein oxidation and increases protein synthesis to a greater extent than an ordinary whey shake.

Are the anabolic effects of GN Leucine limited to the post-workout period?

The short answer to this question would be "No, of course not!" A supplementation with GN Leucine also has a variety of potential benefits at other times of the day and in other situations and you should definitely not miss these:


2.5 to 5 grams of GN leucine pre-workout can help to support the exercise-induced anabolic stimulus and prevent an exercise-induced catabolic environment.

With Meals:

By taking GN Leucine with meals, you can significantly increase the natural food-induced stimulation of your muscle protein synthesis by these meals.

Between meals:

Since an increase of your muscle protein synthesis by a protein meal is only of limited duration, you can give your muscle protein synthesis an extra boost for even greater gains by supplementing with GN Leucine between your meals.

Increasing the protein quality of other protein sources:

Since most protein sources - and in particular plant protein sources - contain significantly less leucine than whey protein, GN leucine can be used to increase the quality of these protein sources.

Who can benefit most from supplementation with GN Leucine?

Hard working athletes, who want fast gains of muscle mass and strength, as well as an optimal post-workout recovery can benefit from supplementing with GN Leucine for the reasons already mentioned. However, there are many other people for which s supplementation with GN Leucine can have significant benefits that may not visible at first sight:

Vegans and people who do not tolerate whey protein well due to a lactose intolerance or a milk protein allergy:

These two groups have one thing in common: they can not use whey protein, which is the most abundant source of leucine of all natural protein sources, to maximize their muscle protein synthesis. But thanks to GN Leucine, these people can still benefit from a maximization of their muscle protein synthesis by leucine.

Older athletes:

With increasing age, the sensitivity with which the mTOR pathway reacts to an increase in blood leucine levels decreases and therefore more leucine is necessary in order to achieve a maximum increase of muscle protein synthesis. With GN Leucine older athletes can increase their leucine intake in order to compensate for this disadvantage and to profit from a maximum increase of their muscle protein synthesis.

During diet or contest preparation:

Anyone who has ever endured a strict calorie-reduced diet or a contest preparation knows that an almost inevitable diet-induced catabolic muscle breakdown can endanger the results more than any other factor, if you want to achieve a lean, muscular and defined body. In this context, GN Leucin can be a fantastic support, as a serving of GN Leucine can maximize your muscle protein synthesis and give you an anabolic boost with just 20 kcal at any desired time. This can prevent a catabolic environment. By providing this anabolic, muscle-protecting effect, GN Leucine can make the difference between success and failure of your diet or contest preparation!

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Recommended daily intake: 5 g powder with 200 ml liquid

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