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Amino acids tablets derived from milk protein!

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    Amino acids tablets derived from milk protein!

    Mega Amino 3200 is made from 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acids derived from lactalbumin and calcium caseinate. Each tablet supplies amino acids to help maintain a positive nitrogen balance, increase anabolic muscle growth and reduce body fat. In the human body, amino acids not only form the building blocks of our voluntary, or skeletal, muscle tissue, such as the biceps, quadriceps, etc., but they also form the building blocks of involuntary muscles, such as the heart.

    Studies have shown that a shortage of branched chained amino acids, coupled with increased physical demands on the body, can lead to a cannibalization of muscle tissue to respond to the body’s need for nitrogen. The functions of BCAA among others are assisting in transporting dietary fat into the cells for energy; stimulating the pituitary to secrete growth hormone, which is involved in developing lean muscle tissue as well as mobilizing fatty acids from the adipose tissue (i.e., dropping body-fat ); supplying the body with nitrogen.

    Mega Amino 3200 absorbs very quickly, so it gets easily into the bloodstream and helps to hormone and enzyme production.

    Take the following recommended dosage according to bodyweight two times a day.

    • Up to 50 kg - 2 tablets
    • 50 kg to 100 kg - 3 tablets
    • over 100 kg - 4 tablets.

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