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Maltodextrin DE6 - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 1000g

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The perfect carbohydrate source for maximum long-term energy without crash and blood sugar fluctuations!

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11,83 €

11,83 € per Kilo
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1.15 kg
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The perfect carbohydrate source for maximum long-term energy without crash and blood sugar fluctuations!


Product highlights:

  • Maximum energy for more productive workouts
  • Very high content of complex carbohydrates in form of long-chain starch molecules
  • Sustained energy for up to two hours
  • No stress for your digestive tract, even when taken directly before your workout
  • No crash or rapid drop in performance like with dextrose and many other maltodextrin product
  • No roller coaster of insulin and blood sugar levels
  • The optimal carbohydrate source for homemade weight gainers
  • Very good solubility

What makes Maltodextrin DE6 so special?

Due to its high proportion of complex carbohydrates and its low proportion of single and double sugars, Maltodextrin DE6 provides even energy for a period of up to two hours. Unlike most other maltodextrin products on the market, there is no rapid rise in blood sugar levels, and therefore no rapid rise in insulin levels. Because of this a rapid energy crash due to strong fluctuations of your blood sugar levels can be avoided and there will also be no increased fat storage due to high insulin levels.

In other words, Maltodextrin DE6 will provide you with long-lasting energy for maximum exercise performance.

As a special bonus, Maltodextrin DE6 will not stress your digestive tract even when you take it directly before your workout. And it will not pull unnecessary amounts of water into your digestive tract from other parts of your body as it is the case with other carbohydrate sources such as Dextrose. So will neither be a bloated feeling nor a potential dehydration of other areas of the body relevant for your workouts.

What are the best uses for Maltodextrin DE6?

Due to its slow digestion, Maltodextrin DE6 is particularly suitable for every situation in which you need long-lasting energy.

The most common uses include:

  • Before and during exercise: Maltodextrin DE6 is perfect for being taking before and during your workouts as it will continuously provide you with long lasting energy without any crash - for up to 2 hours. At the same time, it will not stress your digestive tract, will not lead to a feeling of fullness and will not pose any risk of dehydration, since it does not draw water into the digestive tract.
  • As a non-filling complex carbohydrate source for hard gainers or for making a homemade weight gainer: Hard gainers have problems building muscle because they do not manage to consume enough calories. A high-calorie, complex carbohydrate source like Maltodextrin DE6 is perfect for them, as it will not satiate and does not cause a strong release of insulin, which can lead to unwanted fat deposits.
  • Post-workout for an accelerated recovery: Even if simple carbohydrates are best suited for being used directly after your workout to initiate the fastest possible replenishment of your glycogen stores, your body needs a continuous supply of carbohydrates over a longer period of time to maximally fill up you glycogen stores and to provide your muscles with the energy they need for recovery, repair and growth. Maltodextrin DE6 is the perfect choice for this.


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Dissolve 10g pownder in 200ml water and drink it.


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