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DMAE Health Line - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 60 capsules

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DMAE Health Line - GN Laboratories

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DMAE HealthLine - GN Laboratories

Product Highlights:

  • 500 mg DMAE per capsule
  • Increases production and levels of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine in your brain
  • Improves the transmission of nerve impulses between brain and nerve cells
  • Can significantly improve concentration, learning ability and memory
  • Can counteract a diminishing brain performance and degenerative brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's disease
  • Can increase brain serotonin levels and relieve depression and anxiety disorders
  • Can counteract tiredness and a lack of drive
  • Promotes a healthy and restful sleep
  • Protects cells and DNA of your body from damaging effects of free radicals
  • Can improve performance and post-workout recovery

What is DMAE?

DMAE is the abbreviation for dimethylaminoethanol - an alcohol that is naturally produced by the human body in small amounts and can be converted into choline and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. A sufficient supply of DMAE can ensure sufficient amounts of this important neurotransmitter, and it has been shown that a supplementation with DMAE can significantly increase the acetylcholine levels in the human brain. Acetylcholine is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses between the nerve cells and the brain cells. Elevated acetylcholine levels will result in an optimized and improved transmission of nerve impulses and promote learning ability and memory performance. You can increase the performance of your brain and nervous system significantly by increasing your acetylcholine levels. Our DMAE capsules contain a very high and effective dose of 500 mg DMAE per capsule.

DMAE is a nootropic for improving your brain performance

DMAE is a so-called nootropic - an active ingredient that can significantly improve brain performance. The positive effects of DMAE include a better concentration, an improved learning ability, a better memory and a longer life of your brain cells. These effects are attributed to increased acetylcholine levels, which can have very positive effects on brain performance and may also improve the synchronization left and right brain hemisphere. As you get older, your natural DMAE production and your acetylcholine levels will decrease. That is one of the reasons for an age related decrease in brain performance. A DMAE supplementation can compensate for this reduced acetylcholine production, resulting in a better brain function when you get older. In addition, DMAE can counter degenerative diseases of the human brain such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease because it can prevent protein deposits and an accumulation of age pigments in your brain, which can lead to age-related functional disorders of the brain. DMAE can also brighten your mood and alleviate depression and symptoms of a borderline disorder. These effects can be attributed DMAEs ability to increase serotonin levels in the human brain. DMAE has also shown noticeable positive effects in patients suffering from panic attacks and anxiety disorders and may even alleviate ADHD symptoms in children.

What other positive effects on health and well-being do DMAE have?

According to scientific research, DMAE can significantly improve well-being and mood, while at the same time effectively counteracting fatigue and so called “carb coma” after a meal high in carbohydrates. In addition, DMAE can normalize disturbed sleep patterns and thereby promote a healthy and restful sleep. DMAE also has pronounced antioxidant effects that can protect cells and DNA of your body from damage by free radicals. Elevated levels of free radicals are associated with a variety of serious diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases and may also accelerate the aging of your body. Neutralizing these free radicals will reduce the risk for many diseases, improve your immune function and slow down the aging of your body.

Why is DMAE so interesting for athletes?

DMAE is gaining in popularity among athletes and is used in more and more so-called workout and energy boosters that are meant to increase focus and concentration during exercise and competition. A better focus and an increased ability to concentrate can help to improve technique in many sports. This not only results in a better sports performance, but can also significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

In addition, elevated acetylcholine levels seem to improve the so-called mind-muscle connection, which can result in a better muscle coordination. Since DMAE also possesses a pronounced antioxidant effects, it can neutralize free radicals, which will be produces in increased amounts during intensive workouts. This will protect cells and DNA of your body from the destructive effects of these aggressive oxygen species, while your post workout recovery will be promoted and accelerated. An improved post-workout recovery will allow more frequent workouts, resulting in better progresses and gains.


  • Titel:Gut zum dazu stacken
    Pur wirkt es nicht besonders, vielleicht etwas Placebo. Ich würde es Höchstens zu einem Booster dazu stacken der kein DMAE drinne hat
  • Titel:ideal
    ideal für die klausurenphase... verbessert kognitive fähigkeiten auf grund seiner wahrnehmbaren nootropischen fähigkeiten!! da es die konzentration von lecithin bzw cholin in verschiedenen regionen des gehirns erhöht, verwende ich dies zusammen mit Ginkgo+Lecithin von BioTechUSA. empfehle es somit gerne weiter da ich merklich besser konzentrieren kann, sei es im gym fürs muskelgefühl oder an einem tag mit bis zu 10h am schreibtisch :)
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Athletes may profit from taking DMAE 30 to 45 minutes before their workout. DMAE can be combined with caffeine, resulting in a synergistic effect that will improve your ability to concentrate much more than caffeine or DMAE alone. According to users of this combination, the synergistic effect of these two active ingredients is even stronger than their added effects!

The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children! Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

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