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    Healthy high-protein and low-fat muffins that taste as good as your grandmother's muffins!

    Muffins are a traditional American delicacy that has become very popular all over the world. Who could say no to a delicious juicy soft blueberry muffin or a delicious chocolate muffin with chocolate chips ... Unfortunately, traditional muffins, as delicious and irresistible they may be, are real calorie bombs that do not really fit into a healthy diet due to their high fat and sugar content. An old proverb says "You are what you eat" and if you enjoy to too many delicious muffins, you may develop a muffin top sooner or later.

    But why shouldn’t it be possible to develop a baking mix for muffins that are healthy and fit into a healthy sports diet, but still taste as good as your grandmother's muffins? And who should be able to accomplish this feat, if not Frankys Bakery - the experts for healthy treats with the taste of the good old days?

    We at Frankys Bakery are proud to introduce our Protein Muffin Mix. Our muffin baking mix contains a gigantic amount of 38% of high quality protein and only 9% fat - with most traditional muffins the ratio would almost certainly be the other way round. This makes our muffins the perfect treat for health-conscious people and athletes who want to increase their protein intake. These muffins can also be used as a perfect post-workout meal for strength athletes and bodybuilders. Imagine how great it will be to enjoy some delicious muffins after a hard and gruelling workout instead of choking down a whey protein / dextrose shake ...

    But the nutritional value is not everything - our Protein Muffin Mix makes muffins that are as good as your grandmother’s muffins and is available in over 10 different flavours, ranging from blueberry muffins and chocolate muffins with chocolate chips to muffins with white chocolate and raspberry flavour. Everyone will find their new favourite muffin here!

    And as a special bonus, our muffins can be prepared quickly and easily. Simply mix 100 grams of Protein Muffin Mix with 100 ml of milk and bake the dough in muffin forms for 10 to 12 minutes in the oven. It has never been easier to prepare delicious muffins with the traditional taste of the good old days.

    Protein Muffin Mix by Frankys Bakery - delicious high-protein and low-fat muffins that taste as good as made by your grandmother.

    Frankys Bakery - traditional treat since 1954!

    1. Mix 2 measuring scoops: 100 g with 100 ml skimmed milk in a mixing bowl, until blended.
    2. Put mixture into the prepared muffin cups
    3. Bake at 175 ˚C for 10-12 minutes, or until the tops are golden.

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