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Genetic Nutrition Wave+ Shaker - GN Laboratories

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The new Genetic Nutrition Wave+ shaker with 3 chambers for storing your supplements!!

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5,70 €

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The new Genetic Nutrition Wave+ shaker with 3 chambers for storing your supplements!

Product Highlights:

  • 3 separate compartments for storage of different supplements.
  • 700 ml capacity (measuring scale up to 500 ml)
  • 150 ml and 200 ml storage compartments
  • Easy-to-open lid and easy-to-rotate cap
  • Snap-in, concave screen
  • Made of high quality, non-toxic plastic produced in Europe
  • Fresh and modern WAVE Design
  • Free from harmful plasticizers such as DEHP and BEP
  • Easy Twist Technology
  • Europe's most popular shaker has become even better.

We've redesigned the popular twist locks of our shakers to make them even more versatile than ever before.

The small drinking cap and the large lid are both rotatable to prevent any unwanted leak into your workout bag because of a loosened closure.

Try out one of our new shakers and feel the difference yourself! No leakage - 100% tight! A softer type of plastic was used for the cap and lid. The result is a perfect fit of cap, lid and shaker bottle. This innovation completely prevents any unwanted leakage. We guarantee that wave + shaker are 100% leak-proof.

More efficient mixing

We have developed a curved arched screen, which leads to a much better mixing of without any clumping. The higher efficiency of the shaker is based on the larger surface area of the screen and the resulting higher rate of liquid flow through the screen.

Cap and lid are not connected.

Our Shaker is convenient and comfortable. The cap is not connected to the cover with any plastic parts. This prevents the cap from coming in contact with your nose or forehead during drinking.

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