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100% Dairy Casein (1800g) - GN Laboratories

GN 100% Dairy Casein the propbably best tasting popular anticatabolic sustained-release diet protein on the market!


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Welcome at Gigas Nutrition, your expert in sports nutrition, dieting, fat loss, health and well-being

Do you love bodybuilding and want to make maximal muscle gains in the shortest period of time? Or, do you consider yourself a fitness athlete who's interested primarily in performance enhancement? Do you want to lose fat or are you looking for supplements to promote fat loss or keep your appetite in check in order to help you lose body fat more effectively? Or, is your main interest in health and well-being, as well as the various vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it takes to optimize your heart, brain and cardiovascular function? You are following a vegan diet? Are a devoted Vegetarian? Or, you stick to a low carb or even ketogenic diet and are looking for sports nutrition products that match your lifestyle choices perfectly?

It doesn't matter what your goals are, here at Gigas Nutrition you will find exactly what you need. With our over 10 years of experience in product selection and product categories that span the whole breadth of possible health and physique goals (muscle building, fat loss, health, well-being, etc.) we have hand-picked more than 6000 products from 120 quality brands to ensure that you will always find the optimal product to pursue and achieve your individual health and fitness goals. Plus: With our expanded range of sports clothes, equipment and accessories such as shakers, weight lifting belts and sports bandages, we will also cover the rest of your training and lifestyle related needs.

Due to our constantly revised offers, discounts and unbeatable pricing policies – including our popular Best-Price-Guarantee, Gigas Nutrition ensures that you will always be buying at the most favorable prices. Another shop carries the same product cheaper? No problem! You are going to get it for the exact same price at which our competitors are offering it – and this incredible offer is valid even up to three days after you've placed an order!

Sports nutrition products for bodybuilders and athletes

Our incredibly broad range of sports nutrition products can help bodybuilders, endurance, pro- and amateur athletes alike to accelerate their muscle gains, increase their endurance, promote their strength and amplify their overall performance. At Gigas Nutrition, you will find all the latest supplements from "A" as in amino acids, over BCCAss, beta-alaninecreatine and testosterone boosters to "Z" as in zinc.

Products to support your diet and supercharge your fat loss

Our extensive range of dieting aids covers every aspect from fat loss to muscle maintenance. Among the products we offer are innovative fat burners that will stoke your metabolism, appetite suppressantscarbohydrate and fat blockers to limit the use of energy from your diet and much more. In addition, we stock a selection of the best low caloric, protein-enriched diet shakes, bars, gels, sweet and salty treats, as well as a plethora of other products that will make you forget that you're even dieting.

Products to boost your health and well being

A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are only two of the pillars of optimal health and well-beingVitamins, minerals and trace minerals, secondary plant products, such as polyphenols or flavenols, and other powerful antioxidants from our superfood and health supplement range, on the other hand, will help you to take your health and well-being to whole other level.

Products to support special lifestyle choices, such as veganism, vegetarianism, low fat, low carb or ketogenic dieting

Here at Gigas Nutrition, we know exactly how difficult it is to find foods and supplements that match the vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low carb or ketogenic diet you have chosen to follow for health or other reasons. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to constantly expand our range of specialty products that will make your life as a devoted vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low carb or ketogenic dieter a lot easier.

Our product recommendations

We at Gigas Nutrition know just how time-consuming it can be to find suitable supplements. That is why we want to help you with your search.
If you are looking for the ultimate workout booster, we suggest the GodMode Pre Workout Booster as our insider tip. The unique formula of this booster was designed to literally unleash the GODMODE that is hidden in every hardcore athlete. Its impact will allow for you to achieve your personal best and leaves nothing to be desired.
If you are searching for the right protein, there is no getting around the 100% Dairy Whey Protein, which is very popular among our customers. It is a fast acting whey protein for rapid muscle development.
Our favorite for the restless among us is the EGG Protein Liquid. The perfect companion when you're on the move.
Last but not least, don't miss out on the maddest, most savage and literally skin bursting Pump by Narcotica Nitro Glycerine!
See the high quality product variety of GN Laboratories for yourself.

Gigas Nutrition – Attractive for retailers, resellers and dropshipping

Gigas Nutrition does not do retailing, only. We are also a wholesaler for other retailers whom we can offer very attractive conditions. Moreover, Gigas Nutrition is the exclusive distributor of several highly competitive brands. That intrigues you? Go ahead and register as a reseller on our website and we will send you more information.
If you haven't got a warehouse, yet, still need start-up capital and want to become a supplement and sports nutrition vendor without taking financial risks, our dropshipping services are for you: we will take over the handling and shipping of the goods, and you won't have to pay us, before your customers have paid you. Sounds good? Click here for more information.


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