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For the Ultimate Muscle Pump & Vascularity

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    N-VEIN is the “missing puzzle piece” for those who seek the ultimate pump from their pre-workout formula.

    If your current pre-workout of choice is heavy stimulant, chances are that it leaves something to be expected from the pump and performance standpoint. If your pre-workout already delivers a good performance and pump profile, no one would complain about having that much more of a pump and vein popping vascularity either. And lastly, if you want to crank up your preferred intra workout cocktail, N-VEIN will do a perfect job.

    Just add a scoop of N-VEIN to your current pre-workout or sports drink of choice and enjoy your best pump ever. N-VEIN is unflavored and stimulant-free. It’s the ultimate pre-workout additive that will greatly enhance any pump effect you are currently getting.

    Now let’s dive into the ingredient profile consisting of four major areas: NITRATENE™, HydroMax®, Cluster Dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin) and an electrolyte blend.

    NITRATENE™ is a branded form of sodium Nitrate. Numerous studies have shown dietary nitrates to increase circulating plasma NO2 and thus nitric oxide bioavailability. This increased nitric oxide production goes along with greater vasodilation or widening of the blood vessels. With the resulting increase in blood flow, the body now has the ability to more readily deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. BCAAs, antioxidants and carbohydrates are transported more efficiently where protein synthesis and an increase in muscle glycogen can be achieved. In addition, from a performance standpoint, nitrates also offer the ability to reduce the amount of oxygen required for endurance training resulting in increased amount of time before physical exhaustion. This increased energy efficiency is also coupled with enhanced force production resulting in a highly beneficial sports performance ingredient. Over the years, many supplements have made claims for nitric oxide enhancement and performance. Only a few of those have the studies and anecdotal evidence alike to back these claims up. Nitrates definitely fall into this short list of supplements that you can feel from day one.


    HydroMax®: Essentially, is a mixture of glycerol and silica. HydroMax® replaces GMS (glycerol monostearate) as the best option for powdered glycerol preparations. GMS only consisted of about 5-12% glycerol by weight, whereas hydromax, is 65%. In one serving of N-VEIN, we effectively get 1.3 g of glycerol. To get the same amount of glycerol from GMS, we would need anywhere from 10-25 grams!! Remember, the glycerol will increase fluid WITHIN the muscle cell/intracellular water retention. This is not the extra-cellular water retention and look that people fear so much. This is also the mechanism by which the pump is created. This “hyperhydration” can also be of benefit to endurance athletes as well.

    Cluster Dextrin (HBCD or Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin)

    One of the issues with using a sufficient performance enhancing dose of HydroMax® is its hygroscopic nature. In other words, it attracts and holds water. If a high percentage of a powder formula is made up of very hygroscopic ingredients, the powder will eventually clump over time. Instead of throwing in a cheap carbohydrate filler like dextrose, maltodextrin or waxy maize, we wanted to add in the best performance carbohydrate available, cluster dextrin. HBCD has a high molecular weight accompanied by a very low osmalarity. This makes it efficient in transporting nutrients with its fast gastric emptying time, or ability to move from the stomach once consumed, quickly to the small intestine. This also prevents stomach bloating as seen in other typical carbohydrate sports drinks. Cluster dextrin also offers high solubility and stability in water. Lastly, HBCD offers enhanced stamina and indirect fat burning ability over other carb options. There is far less of an insulin spike seen while ingesting HBCD in comparison to maltodextrin and dextrose. Insulin secretion prevents the body’s ability to burn body fat, and we are looking for a smaller spike which would then allow for free fatty acids to be created normally and used as an energy source for the body in addition to the carbohydrates. This latter scenario is what is accomplished by opting for Cluster Dextrin over standard carbohydrate energy drinks. We were not looking to add a lot, but we needed to get the volume of HydroMax® down in the formula and only wanted to settle for the best option available from a carbohydrate standpoint.
    Electrolyte Blend

    Finally, we couldn’t feel like we created “the missing piece” to the pre and intra category without throwing in a strong electrolyte blend. Every athlete knows the importance of proper hydration. Electrolytes are vital in the body’s ability to maintain fluid balance as well as adequate muscle contractility and neural activity. Electrolytes allow water to move into cells much more effectively and efficiently. In addition, water is attracted to electrolytes and drawn to locations in the body where electrolytes are most concentrated and will play an important role maintaining that fluid balance that is needed throughout the body. This is particularly crucial during exercise when electrolytes and water can be lost through sweating. This combination of ingredients, also acts as a strong transport mechanism or carrier for electrolytes to be absorbed at an even faster rate versus consuming alone.

    Directions: Shake container before each use. For the ultimate in pump and performance add 1 scoop of Nutrex N-Vein into your pre-workout drink of choice along with an additional 4-6 oz of water.

    Stir or shake vigorously. Consume 30 minutes prior to training. Do not exceed more than 1 scoop at a time or in a 24 hour period.

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